Responses to My Interview

Responses to My Interview June 3, 2013

The two videos I posted in May have received over 85,000 views and now I find I have more than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.  I wasn’t expecting that, nor was I expecting so many to ask for more videos.  Evidently the things I said struck a cord with quite a few people.  With that in mind, I’m going to try my hand at posting videos along with my writing.  Now if only I can get a hold of a better video camera…
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  • That’s an unusually attractive man in that video. I’m just sayin.

  • You’re not really my type, bro.

  • I have not seen the interview but I really want to now. As for comments you received. Everyone is different in debating style, so been called nice is a good one I think. People usally call me four letter words after debates ;) But I guess I have more a sledgehammer style and that is the reason I would never be invited into an evangelical church. Us atheists need all kinds and styles of delivery. So keep up the great work.

  • If you like, here’s the link:

  • As you were talking about the need for more books to be written by atheists who have come out of a religion, I was thinking that you could write one since you write so well already. So, I’m glad you picked up on that hint a moment later by saying you might write one in the future. Looking forward to it. :)

  • Thanks for the suggestion :-) I’ve written a book before, so I know the drill. Life’s super busy these days, but maybe. I need a bit more time to gather my thoughts, and to listen to some more folks tell their stories.

  • No worries; I’m patient! :D

  • Rafael

    I really do wish you write this book. The world and the atheist community need more people with of your approach to this matter. The atheist community is too confrontational. I understand the why but sometimes it can be a bad thing. Like “christian” said above we need all styles of debate, like Martin Luther King and Malcom X had very different speeches but where equally important in different ways. Some brazilian atheists are looking forward for your book to. :-D

  • zsc

    I really liked watching your interview. You were really respectful to those people and I can appreciate that.

    I’m more of an antitheist atheist myself who is still trying to work out her beliefs, so I can see where some of your detractors may have been coming from. It’s tough. For example, when I say I’m against religion because the Catholic Church’s prohibition of condoms is partially responsible for the continuing HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, non-antitheist atheists say I should a adopt a more “live and let live” attitude. This is hard for me to swallow because it’s not as if I go around being obnoxious around religious people for the fun of it. I’m very respectful of my family’s beliefs. However, I feel that I am offering a valid critique that, as a black woman, means a lot to me. I am accused of “being just as bad as fundamentalists” when I am just asking questions.

    I have very mixed feelings about belief being “no one’s business” when it actually affects a lot. No one can actually keep their personal beliefs to themselves–even if they don’t want to proselytize, how they view the world will shape everything they do that could potentially affect us all…like voting.

  • Spot on zsc. Beliefs matter and they affect not only the holder but those around them. The more influence the holder has the large the radius of the effects of those beliefs.

  • Evelyn Causey

    Have you seen video on youtube about Sunday morning gathering of atheists in churchlike setting sans the sermon? It is in UK. Very very interesting.