How to Be Godless in Dixie (Video)

How to Be Godless in Dixie (Video) May 27, 2014

How_to_Be_thumbA couple of weeks ago, the Chattanooga Humanist Assembly invited me to come speak to them about “How to Be Godless in Dixie.”  They were very warm and welcoming, and they recorded the talk so that others could listen in.

The first video link below is the full talk, lasting about 32 minutes.  If you don’t have time to listen to a talk that long, below that I’ve also included a shorter excerpt that’s just under 10 minutes long entitled “You Might Live in the Bible Belt If…”  First, here is the full talk:

And if you don’t have half an hour free, here is the shorter excerpt about living in the Bible Belt:

There was also a Q&A portion after the talk and it lasted another half hour, and I’ll make that available for mp3 download later on this week.

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, be sure to do that as I’ll be attempting to upload some more short videos later this summer.

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