Debate Night in Memphis

Debate Night in Memphis May 30, 2014

Got a quiz question for you:

What do each of these folks have in common?



Answer:  They’re all going to be in Memphis tomorrow night for a debate between Matt Dillahunty and Sye Ten Bruggencate.  Whether you’re into debates or you just would like to meet some of these fine folks, if you’re within driving distance of the Marriott Memphis East, drop on by tomorrow night around 5:30pm and catch this event, organized by the directors of Recovering from Religion, Sarah Morehead and Darrel Ray, author of Sex and God.

Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist will be there to record the event, so after it’s done, there will hopefully be a downloadable video of the event.  After the debate, David Smalley and company will also be broadcasting an episode of Dogma Debate from the hotel.  Should be a blast!

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  • Will we, one day, find these standoffs between people who define themselves by their ideological positions scientifically perverse?

    Latest research suggests self needs to be removed to get to the truth.

    “It’s the realization that persistently false beliefs stem from issues closely tied to our conception of self…” –

  • I’m looking forward to meeting other freethinkers in Memphis on May 31. Matt is a great debater and he should be well-prepared for the barrage of logical fallacies, false dichotomies, tautological thinking, ambush logic, misrepresentations, and circular reasoning his presuppositional apologist opponent will bring.

    I M Probulos


    How to speak fluent atheist, agnostic and secular humanist

    The 12 Unthinkable Horrors

    The Good News for atheists, agnostics and secular humanists

    (many more)

  • mikespeir

    Go team! The truth is about to be revealed once and for all. About time!


  • Matt is fantastic. I worry about the South sometimes, it’s nice to see something like this happening in Memphist, TN.