Abandoning My Faith: One Man’s Deconversion Story (Video)

Abandoning My Faith: One Man’s Deconversion Story (Video) July 26, 2014

Today, instead of reading something from me, I would much rather you set aside 15 minutes to watch this fantastic video by Brandon Fibbs.  Brandon was raised in the Assembly of God and left his faith about the same time I did mine.  He works in video production and had the enviable honor of helping to make the Cosmos series what it is, something that will be evident as you watch this testimony (or as several of my friends call it, his ex-timony).  Brandon’s story illustrates how, for many of us, the most powerful draw out of faith and into reason isn’t a direct dismantling of the dogmas of our youth; for some of us it’s the slow, steady siren song of scientific curiosity and wonder.  Oliver Wendell Holmes is credited* with putting it the best:

A mind, once expanded to a new idea, never returns to its old dimensions.




* As with most quotes, it’s hard to locate where they said these things, if they even said them at all.  And people tend to tweak the words to make them sound better.  But whoever said it this way said it best.


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