This Week on the Humanist Hour: Godless in Dixie

This Week on the Humanist Hour: Godless in Dixie March 25, 2015

THHOf all the labels I embrace at this point in my life, Humanist tops them all.  I have often said that while I accept the “atheist” label, it doesn’t tell you enough about me because it only answers one question: Do I believe in any gods?  The answer is “No,” but that only tells you about what I don’t believe.

Humanism tells you more about what I do believe.  While I believe that humanity is far from perfect, I also suspect that our greatest chances for surviving and thriving reside with us as a species. I think we do a disservice to ourselves when we look outside our own humanity for deliverance from our problems, and I believe the responsibility for working to solve them rests on our collective shoulders.  That makes me a humanist.

The Humanist Hour Podcast

This week it was my honor to be the featured guest on the Humanist Hour podcast hosted by Bo Bennett and Kim Ellington.  The Humanist Hour is the official podcast of the American Humanist Association and it has hosted some of the most noteworthy personalities in Humanism today.

If you’d like to hear the interview, you can listen to it here:

Or you can download it from this link here.

Or you can head over to the Humanist Hour page and catch not only my interview but scores of others with individuals who have contributed to Humanism in recent years.

Be sure to bookmark their page and catch future episodes, including an interview with Sarah Morehead, the executive director of Recovering from Religion, the president of Apostacon, and the now the president of the upcoming Reason Rally 2016 as well!

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