Listen to Phil Ferguson’s Podcast (Skeptic Money) with Godless in Dixie

Listen to Phil Ferguson’s Podcast (Skeptic Money) with Godless in Dixie June 25, 2015

philRecently I spoke to a couple of groups in Illinois, and while I was there I ran into the ubiquitous Phil Ferguson. Phil is a financial planner who sponsors many of the most popular skeptic/freethought conferences around the country. His Champaign, IL, based company is called Polaris Financial Planning and he offers helpful advice on investments, savings, and retirement funds.

He also maintains a podcast appropriately entitled The Phil Ferguson Show, now in partnership with the Secular Media Group, offering sound financial advice with a side of skeptic/freethought commentary through interviews with a wide variety of guests. On this week’s podcast, the guest interviewee was yours truly.  We chatted about what it’s like living as an atheist/progressive in Mississippi, covering a number of topics I don’t ordinarily talk about on podcasts. After some helpful financial tips, my interview starts around the 20:00 minute mark. Give it a listen:

The show is also available on here. If you like his show, subscribe to it and go like his Facebook page so you can catch the other interviews he’s done and see who’s coming up next. You can also follow him on Twitter @skepticmoney.

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