Godless Tour Update: Texas Now, California Later

Godless Tour Update: Texas Now, California Later July 24, 2015

UPDATE:  I’ll be speaking in Dallas tonight as planned, along with Houston tomorrow night and New Orleans on Sunday (see itinerary below) but the trip to the west coast has been delayed a few weeks.

Trip Itinerary:

If you’re in any of those towns, I hope you’ll drop by and meet with us!

In the meantime, some scheduling conflicts have led us to bump my west coast visit to late September/early October.  The date is still tentative, but as of right now, my visit to Sacramento, Palo Alto, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego looks like it will fall on the first weekend in October.  Lots going on!

Besides visiting groups who invite me to speak, I’m also wearing another hat that’s been taking me to various other places to work tables at conferences.  I’ll be doing some writing to help promote next year’s upcoming Reason Rally, so that’s taking me all over the place (the date for that event will be announced soon). Next weekend I’ll be at Gateway to Reason in St. Louis, and in the weeks following I’ll most likely make trips to D.C., Philadelphia, and Atlanta as well.  Stay tuned and I’ll make sure you know where I am!

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