To Abilene, Apostacon, and Beyond

To Abilene, Apostacon, and Beyond August 7, 2015

Friends and followers of this blog may have noticed I’ve been getting around a good bit lately.  Some of these trips are to speak to groups who identify with what I write, but some are conferences I’m attending to help promote a couple of different upcoming projects. I should probably fill you in on what I’m doing and also announce my next couple of speaking trips while I’m at it.

Godless in Texas…Again

Next up, I’ll be speaking to the Abilene Atheists (event link here) on Thursday, September 17th at 7pm, the night before Apostacon starts. If you live in that area, I hope you’ll come out to meet with folks from that town to hear me talk a little bit about how to live “godless” in a region that’s supersaturated with religion.

What is Apostacon, you say?  I’m so glad you asked…

Apostacon (this year at the DFW Marriott) is so far my favorite conference I’ve attended. It manages to keep a fun, party atmosphere while featuring top notch speakers (ahem) and enough breaks in between to hang out and get to know the speakers and other attendees.  The name comes from a combination of apostate and conference because the organizers specialize in addressing those issues faced by the formerly religious.

Check out this year’s slate of speakers (link here), headlined by Penn & Teller‘s “Night of Magical Inquiry.” I’ll be one of the presenters as well, although I’m pretty sure I won’t be performing any magic tricks.  I’ll include more details in an upcoming post, but if you’re within traveling distance of this conference, allow me to recommend doing what it takes to get there. It’s gonna be a blast as always.

Stay tuned and you will also likely hear of upcoming opportunities for early next year in which I’ll speak to groups in Austin, San Antonio, and Arizona as well.

Wearing Multiple Hats

You may have also seen me popping up in unexpected places like Denver, Las Vegas, and St. Louis, with more trips planned to Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, Providence, and who knows where next?  This weekend I’ll be visiting Washington D.C.  So what gives?  Two things:

  • I’m looking to move into a more active role working with Recovering from Religion as their Director of Group Development. Recovering has groups all over the country which focus on helping folks unpack their own religious baggage, and I’ve been asked to assume the leadership role over that project.  The catch is that in order to throw myself into doing that, we will have to raise enough support to add that component to the many things Recovering is already doing (chief among them is The Hotline Project). Stay tuned for an upcoming fundraiser for those who want to make those things a sustainable reality.
  • I’ve been asked to help write some of the promotional content for next year’s Reason Rally. If you know anything about the last one, you know this promises to be the largest gathering of secularists in the country, dwarfing anything you’ve seen before. I’m itching to tell you some of the personalities and dignitaries we plan on having at the rally, but I can’t disclose any of that just yet.  We already have our date set, and we plan on launching the Reason Rally website very soon once a few more pieces fall into place. In the meantime, many of the trips I’m making all over the country are in preparation to promote the rally, which I am telling you is going to be bigger and more exciting than most people would probably believe.

So there you have it. Lots going on.  If you see me popping up in random places over the next few months, now you’ll know why it’s happening. These aren’t all blog related trips. I’m traveling to help promote next year’s Reason Rally and to seek support for Recovering from Religion’s many projects.



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