Catch Godless in Dixie on The Friendly Atheist Podcast

Catch Godless in Dixie on The Friendly Atheist Podcast August 17, 2015

I recently sat down to interview with Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist for his podcast (located here). We talked about what it’s like being “godless in Dixie,” what it’s like being the only “out” atheist teacher at a highly religious public school, and what I’m up to these days. The interview is roughly 30 minutes long.

The Openly Secular campaign gets a shout out during the show, as does Recovering from Religion’s Hotline Project toward the end (around 22:50).  If you’d like to help support the hotline, stay tuned for an upcoming fundraiser, hopefully later this week.

Listen to Hemant’s podcast here:

Many thanks to Hemant for inviting me onto the show. He’s always been an encouraging supporter of what I do, and his podcast is top quality.
You can subscribe to his podcast on iTunes, stream all the episodes on SoundCloud or Stitcher, or just listen to the whole thing on this page above. Their RSS feed is here.

And if you like his podcast (because why not? what’s wrong with you?), please consider supporting his site on Patreon and leaving him a positive rating!

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