Aron Ra Interviews Godless in Dixie on the Ra-Men Podcast

Aron Ra Interviews Godless in Dixie on the Ra-Men Podcast September 12, 2015

This week I was a guest on The Ra Men Podcast (Episode 29) with Aron Ra.  We talked about what it was like deconverting from evangelical Christianity, and we spent a good bit of time discussing the convoluted thought processes people in that position go through as they work their way through their questions.

We discussed how faith can make you accept intellectual defeat while thinking through doubts and questions, and we also covered how people can rationalize irrational things in order to preserve the beliefs they were taught to embrace (Hint:  It has to do with inheriting a very low view of human nature).

At the end I also give a shout out to the many projects that Recovering from Religion has going right now (like the Hotline Project, the Secular Therapist Project, and ongoing group development), plus I reminded folks that the fundraiser to support what Recovering is doing is still open (see link at the bottom).

If you’re not already one of their 130,000+ subscribers you should become one now!

And if you’d like to give to help support what Recovering from Religion does, please consider donating to their Indiegogo campaign by clicking the button below:

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