Teacher in Arkansas Suspended for Showing Passion of the Christ in Class

Teacher in Arkansas Suspended for Showing Passion of the Christ in Class March 31, 2016

According to the Arkansas Times, a U.S. History teacher at Wilbur Mills High School in Little Rock, AR has been suspended for showing The Passion of the Christ in his classroom, for including a study guide (see image below) that blatantly evangelizes, and for going off on a racially and politically offensive rant in class which a student recorded after he was told he couldn’t show the second half of the film.

I keep telling you, I’ll never understand how blacks can support the Democratic party. It just blows my mind. All they do is convince y’all that whoever the Republican nominee is is going to take away food stamps and all this stuff, put you in chains and send you back to Africa. Well, shit. If was going to happen, they would have done it a long time ago, wouldn’t you think?

Here’s the bottom line on Republicans, because I am one. Actually, I’m a Constitutional Conservative: we just want you to get off your ass and go to work and be productive members of society and quit mooching off the government, because somebody is paying for that. Me.

News of this breaks just 48 hours before the national premiere of God’s Not Dead 2, which similarly involves a school teacher being called on the carpet for violating the Establishment Clause in a public school setting.  Unlike in the fictitious world of God’s Not Dead, this teacher will not be dragged in front of a judge and sued, but he has been sidelined for overstepping his place as a teacher. 

“Don’t say Jesus at school. But we can push Islam on you, and, you know, gay rights, and all this other stuff. All that’s acceptable. But don’t say Jesus. Okay?”

You can’t even SAY Jesus? I wonder where he got that idea?

And this isn’t the first time, either. The teacher, Greg Hendrix, was fired from his coaching job at a previous school for allegedly calling a former player a “faggot” and a “f*cking queer.” Sounds like a real winner.

It will be interesting to see if the promoters of the new persecution fantasy flick, due out on April Fool’s Day, use this in their upcoming press releases to prove that people really are trying to take away their religious liberty.

Oh, and in case there’s any question that this isn’t just a case of someone mentioning the name of Jesus in class, as if there’s anything wrong with that, check out the study guide this guy passed out to his students:


[Image Credit: Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, Featured image: Twentieth Century Fox]


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