Shoot Christians Say to Me (Video): 17 Common Challenges & What I Say Back

Shoot Christians Say to Me (Video): 17 Common Challenges & What I Say Back April 24, 2016

Last fall I had the opportunity to address a room full of deconverts like myself at a conference especially designed for “apostates” like us. Apostacon was held in Dallas, TX, last year from September 18-20, keynoted by Penn & Teller, who were as entertaining as always.

I spoke on the second day of the conference on the subject of what Christians say to me upon learning that I left my faith, and on what I typically say in response. It is among one of my favorite talks that I’ve given because it touches on such a wide range of topics that regularly come up in conversation for people like me. The talk is about 28 minutes long, and the audience was wonderfully responsive. It was a lot of fun to discuss.

In the video, I respond to each of the 17 most common things I hear in conversations about leaving my faith:

Unhelpful Suggestions

  • Try reading the Bible.
  • Read this one book that I’ve never read but heard is great.
  • Why don’t you try praying about it?

Writing You Off

  • If only you had known True Christianity.
  • You must not have ever really believed.
  • It’s a phase. You’ll grow out of it.
  • If only you knew it’s a relationship, not a religion.

Questioning Your Sincerity

  • You just want to be your own boss.
  • Why are you angry at God?
  • Don’t judge God by the behavior of his people.

Pulling Your Heartstrings

  • Your mother will be so worried for you.
  • When times get tough, you’ll see. You’ll change your mind.
  • How can you look at your beautiful children…?

Gotcha Moves

  • But what if you’re wrong? Are you willing to take that risk?
  • I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.
  • Then where do you get your morals?
  • Where did everything come from?

There are many more, but I wanted to keep the talk under a half an hour. Enjoy!

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