Looking for a Kids’ Camp in Florida or South Carolina?

Looking for a Kids’ Camp in Florida or South Carolina? July 8, 2019

If you have followed Godless in Dixie for long, you know I’ve been a big fan of summer camps aimed at kids looking for non-religious alternatives to the church-sponsored kind that dominate my area of the country. For the last two summers, I’ve taken a week off to be a counselor at Camp Quest (now Camp 42 in the Southeastern United States), and I’d have done it again this summer if my schedule had allowed.

But there are still camps needing folks who are willing to invest some time helping to establish a camp tradition in other parts of the Southeast, and I’d like to get the word out so that more of you can become connected to one of my favorite “orgs” in the secular movement.

Camp 42 in Florida, now it its second year, will be happening from August 4-10th in Wekiwa Springs State Park just north of Orlando. Campers for this week are ages 8-17, and the cost of the week is $600, with a sibling discount for each additional child :)  And yes, financial aid is available, in case you’re wondering (see the website or the FB page for more details).

Feel free to drop me a note at godlessindixieblog at gmail if you’d like to hear more, and I’ll be happy to gush about both the program and the people involved. Otherwise, head on over to the Camp 42 website for more info.

[Image Source: Camp 42]




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Neil Carter is a high school teacher, a writer, a speaker, a father of four, and a skeptic living in the Bible Belt. A former church elder with a seminary education, Neil now writes mostly about the struggles of former evangelicals living in the midst of a highly religious subculture. You can read more about the author here.
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