Porch_ProfileWhat you’ll find here are mostly my thoughts and ramblings about living as a skeptic in the Deep South. If you’re not from around here, you probably wouldn’t believe how central religion is to life in the South. I was raised in this culture, and I spent two decades of my life passionately pursuing the ideals of evangelical Christianity.  Around age 35 I changed my mind, however, and now I find myself daily wrestling with the implications of unbelief and skepticism amidst a culture which praises faith in the unseen.  I am not by nature a confrontational person (in fact, I’m pathologically conciliatory) so if the opinions expressed herein strike you as unduly antagonistic towards some aspects of religion in general, and evangelical/fundamentalist Christian faith in particular, I would encourage you to consider the possibility that circumstances around me have inspired that posture.

I wear many hats (and none of them pay well!):  I am a school teacher, a tutor, occasionally a swim coach, and a father of four.

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