Why Calling Yourself A Catholic Is No Longer Defensible

Why Calling Yourself A Catholic Is No Longer Defensible August 17, 2018

I’d venture to guess that even the crew of the ISS has whiffed the stank of the story coming out of Pennsylvania the past few days. Priests, en masse, manhandling children, marking them as their territory and using their position in god’s light as an excuse to rob babies of their irretrievable innocence. For decades upon decades upon decades. Had the story stopped there, we’d already know how they were able to continue to destroy children and avoid prosecution for so long. It didn’t need to be reported how these monsters were able to continue to do what they did. We all knew. We all know. We all understand when stories like this come out, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the Catholic church enabled them in just about every way they could. No one needs to be told this. This is par for the course.

There is no question, none whatsoever, that the Catholic church is a criminal organization. The thing is, it’s no longer enough to call it that. I mean, when we think of criminal organizations, we think of John Gotti and Al Capone. We think of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo. Any of these men, given ten minutes alone in a room with a priest who violated little boys, would rip their hearts out. No, it’s no longer enough to call the Catholic church a criminal organization because no criminal organization would tolerate this behaviour amongst their ranks. What the Catholic church is, really the only way to describe it, is a worldwide pedophile ring. It’s a child rape club.

Oh, but you’re a Catholic and you don’t rape children? You’re Catholic and you don’t condone the sexual abuse of kids? Not all Catholics abuse babies? You can’t blame the whole group for the actions of some? Priests are no more likely to be pedophiles than any other group? These are your objections? That’s cute. It’s really cute. Because now I’m going to show you that the corruption in the Catholic church goes all the way up to the top proving that there is no escaping your tithes paying for the cover-up of child rape. I’m going to prove to you that it is the organization itself that is corrupt and not just the actions of individual priests. I’m going to prove to you that the club you insist on remaining part of is rotten on every level, which begs the question: what the hell are you still doing there if you don’t condone pedophilia?

Sure, there may be just as much chance of a school teacher sexually abusing children as there is a chance a priest would. Sure, there may be just as many pedophiles outside the church as there inside the church. What makes the Catholic church different is the systematic cover-ups; the harbouring of known offenders; the placement of known offenders in front of new groups of children to avoid prosecution. What makes it different is that every branch of this institution is involved in the organized enabling of child rape for hundreds and hundreds of years. It starts in local dioceses and goes all the way up to your beloved, perceived progressive Pope. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a peep at Pope Franky’s track record, shall we?

For almost a dozen years, there was a man who, using scripture from the Old Testament, convinced underage boys that they would go to hell if they didn’t perform continued and repeated sexual acts with him. His favourite place to manhandle their prepubescent bodies was in confessional. Fr. Mauro Inzoli, who loved to own and drive fast, expensive cars so much, they nicknamed him ‘Don Mercedes’, raped, repeatedly, boys as young as ten by threatening them with eternal torture. Using the fear of their own beloved god, he tormented them, exposing them to things no child should ever be exposed to.

It went on for years in the city of Brescia in Northern Italy. Day after day, these young boys would be sexually terrorized by an old man and suffer in silence for fear of the wrath of god. Their lives would be forever changed, the scars of their abuse hard to hide.

One day, though…. one day, there was a boy brave enough to step forward. He unloaded all that he had been carrying around with him, reporting the man of god who had been systematically raping him to police. He looked his fear of god in the eye, realized no god that wanted this to continue was worth worshipping and told the police what had been going on.

The investigation that ensued turned up more boys who claimed similar treatment by the church leader. The evidence piled up, both inside the Vatican and out. There was so much of it, that Pope Benedict decided the best action to take would be to defrock Don Mercedes. Inzoli was tossed out of god’s house in 2012. As he awaited trial in Italy, this was the best possible thing we could hope for: removing him from a position of authority over children.

As you likely already know, Pope Benedict resigned in 2013. In his wake, Pope Francis was elected, his supporters seeing him as the man who would reform the church and take a harder stance on the sex abuse scandals. Since his election, the Pope has certainly said and done a great many things that seem to be real people pleasers. He’s hugged 100 people in wheelchairs and said the faithful should not judge the LGBT community. He’s said hello to Muslims and he loves to tweet, kind of like another leader we all know. Known to take a selfie now and then, the Pope has also denounced global capitalism and likes to talk a lot about how yucky poverty is.

This is all so much better than any Pope before him, right? The Franciscan hype train is running on truth, isn’t it?

Absolutely, if shallow publicity stunts are what you’re looking for in god’s representative down here on earth. It certainly is, if bold sounding deepities are the most you can hope for from the leader of the Catholic church.

If what you’re looking for, instead, is a leader worthy of our respect, the answer is no.

In 2014, Pope Francis RE-frocked Don Mercedes. Reversing the decision by his predecessor, everybody’s favourite man of god let a child rapist don the holy robes once more. Though he did request that Inzoli stay away from children and live a life of prayer and humility, what Catholic child won’t see a man in the cloth of god as an authority figure? You can bet your holy rosary he’s touched boy since then.

To add insult to injury, the volumes of evidence against Inzoli being held by the Vatican were requested by Italian law enforcement. The Vatican said, with the Pope’s blessing, a brutal and devastating, “no”.

As a result, Inzoli, who faced a potential twelve years in prison, walked away with just under five years. For anyone counting, that gives a man in his mid-sixties a chance at seeing freedom again, and being around little boys again.

Now, you can argue that this is just one case – a case with many facts we aren’t privy to, thanks to the Vatican – and that maybe there’s something here that made sense to the big, cuddly, virtue-signalling Pope. But you’d be wrong.

In 2013, students from the Argentina/Italy Provolo Institute for Deaf and Mute began continued contact with the Pope, begging him to intervene on their behalf. A priest at their school, they claimed, was sexually abusing them. For three years they continued to send videos and letters directly to the Pope. For three years they were ignored while the sexual abuse continued. Just a few months ago, after no attention from the Pope for these three years, civilian police finally stepped in and arrested Fr. Nicola Corradi.

There is also, of course, the concern surrounding the Pope’s intent on reversing reforms set in place not just by Benedict, but also John Paul II. These reforms, which saw the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith take over dealing with sexually predatory clergy, resulted in the Vatican taking much more swift and final action against priests accused of child molestation. Reversing them, we can only assume, will have the opposite effect.

So, you’re a Catholic and you don’t rape children? That’s great. That’s a real achievement. Pat yourself on the back. I have to ask though, why you would want to continue to label yourself as something that instantly invokes the thought of child rape in most honest people’s minds? You see, decent people, once they found out an organization not only included hundreds and possibly thousands of men like Inzoli and Corradi but went so far as to protect them as well, most decent people would recoil at the thought of remaining part of that organization. Most people would want as much distance between them and the rape club as they could possibly manage.

So, you think the public school system has just as many child abusers as the Catholic church? That may be true. That may very well be true, but here’s the difference: If you found out the school system you were sending your kid to was systematically harbouring child rapists from the law, all the way up to the top dog, would you continue to send your kid there? Given the choice, would you continue to give your dollars to that organization? Would you insist on calling yourself a member of that school district as though it was a significant part of your identity? Would you attend extra-curricular activities with your family there on the weekends? Likely not.

So, you think there is just as much likelihood that a child will encounter an abuser outside of the church than inside the church? Perhaps you’re correct. Perhaps you’re right on the money. The difference is: when good, decent, moral people discover this happening, they report it. They turn the offender into the police if for no other reason than to prevent him from harming any other kids. There is no all-encompassing organization with the power of the Catholic church relocating offenders so they can avoid the law and build up a new baby brothel of prepubescent children in a brand new city.

If it were me and I found out that there had been a child abuser among the ranks at an organization I was paying into, devoting my identity to and attending regularly with my children; if I found out that the organization had brought that abuser to my city after they had knowledge that he’d done horrible things to children in all the previous locations he’d been; if I found out that this organization was systematically harbouring rapists? What would I do? Not only would I never set foot in that institution again, not only would my child never be allowed near it, not only would I stop giving them any money, not only would I drop any labels that associated me with that group, but I would vow to destroy it. I would not rest until it was a pile of smoking ashes and a dark page in the history books.

In fact, I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Catholic church and I have still vowed to be part of its undoing.

No one is saying to stop believing. No one is saying that you should stop attending non-Catholic church and stop praising Jesus Christ and stop thumbing your rosary while deep in prayer. No one is suggesting you should give up your core beliefs. However, I can’t help but question your humanity if you continue to choose to call yourself a Catholic. I have zero respect for you if you continue to give so much as a dollar to any institution that falls under the Vatican’s authority. As far as I’m concerned, you are complicit in the continued ritualistic and systematic rape of children and it is clear that your Catholic identity is more important to you than human decency. The morality argument that theists and atheists love to engage in is no longer yours to join. You’ve given up any right to make moral judgements if you can’t walk away from an organization that would disgust even the worst criminals in history.

If you are a Catholic, you are a child rape enabler and there is no escaping that fact. As such, you are beneath me and there’s really nothing else I have to say to you.

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  • Priya Lynn

    Coercing children to have sex with you by threatening them with eternal torture? That’s something that will torment them for life. Its an almost unbelievably perverted act.

  • Jim Jones

    The RCC: committing unbelievably perverted acts for 2,000 years.

  • If you are a Catholic, you are a child rape enabler and there is no escaping that fact. As such, you are beneath me and there’s really nothing else I have to say to you.

    What an Immature, arrogant, and foolish statement.

    You may be climaxing as you dance on our grave, finally “free” from the demands Jesus makes in his Gospel and that we, very imperfectly, have handed down. The truth is the truth, no matter how bad we smell.

    Your joy and satisfaction are illusory. We’re not dead, we’re not going away, and yes, I’m still a Catholic Christian and will remain one until He calls me to Himself. You don’t like it? Tough.

    God Is. Jesus is alive. And He still calls you toward conversion, repentance, and healing. You, me, everybody. Face these facts, and choose.


  • Lark62

    If your deity exists, it watched as children were tortured and raped by its followers. And did nothing.

  • tyler

    you seem to take a disturbing amount of pride in the fact that you enable and support child rapists

  • James A. North

    If I could craft a civil reply, I would. But I can’t.

    It does not matter that God is or that Jesus is alive or that the holy ghost breathes…You have chosen to be a part of an organization that defiles children.

    That speaks volumes to your character.

  • Lark62

    You describe yourself as an Oblate of St Benedict, which means you are in some way formally affiliated with catholic monks and the catholic church.

    So even more than the average Catholic, you are a supporter and apologist for systemic child rape.

    You have no decency or moral compass. Kindly stay away from children.

  • Kevin K


  • Kevin K
  • Lark62

    Succinct and to the point.

  • chemical

    …I’m still a Catholic Christian and will remain one until He calls me to Himself. You don’t like it? Tough.

    Fine by me, but that doesn’t change the fact that the RCC is a pedophile ring masquerading as a church, and you whole-heartedly support that pedophile ring because you’re a depraved, morally bankrupt person. You don’t like it? Tough. The truth is the truth, no matter how bad we smell.

  • Kevin K

    Some people don’t deserve typing.

  • WallofSleep
  • Michael Neville

    I’m still a Catholic Christian and will remain one until He calls me to Himself.

    So you’re a child rape enabler and apparently proud of the fact. Does it give you joy knowing that the cult you claim your own is known throughout the world as a pedophile ring? Are you happy that your bishops support and protect sexual predators? Are you glad that many people think you’re beneath contempt for your endorsement of rapists and their handlers? If you don’t like what I’ve just said, tough.

  • Raging Bee

    So what has Jesus called YOU to do about this obvious gross violation of God’s laws?

  • You can call me all the names your conscience allows. May the Lord bless you richly.

  • Raging Bee

    Really?! We’re talking about gross criminal indecencies committed by people in your church, using church organizational resources to cover up and enable such crimes, and your response is to demand that WE “convert” and “repent?” What, you actually think we’re sinning when we criticize your church? Shouldn’t you be calling on YOUR OWN CHURCH’S HIGHER-UPS to repent? They’re the ones committing despicable crimes against innocent kids, not us.

    Your response proves how pathetic and useless your church and your morals really are.

  • Raging Bee

    And you already have your reward.

  • Falconlights

    I know a formerly Catholic woman and she has never gotten over being told just that and then was told that no matter what, her abuser would be in Heaven while his victim would go to hell for having sex with the priest. I am not making this up…this how sick this church is.

  • Shadowfury333

    Well, I used to say I’m Catholic out of a reflexive French/Irish “I’m not protestant” sense of identity rather than faith, but I never much liked that reflex anyway. I haven’t gone to church in 5 years, they can go fuck themselves.

    I suppose “raised Catholic, since left” is still fine, in the same way that “beaten as a child” doesn’t impugn one’s own character provided one doesn’t then beat other children.

  • Otto

    I was a Catholic…I refused to support an organization that has acted the way it was described here…and this article only covers a couple of situations that are representative of the thousands and thousands that have happened, and continue to happen, worldwide. I was never sexually abused, but I was physically abused and mentally abused, and that is the scary part of this…the sexual abuse charges are but a small part of the child abuse that happens in the church. It is practically cliche to say you went to Catholic school and were abused…because that is how much it happens. She is right…if you support the Church you are supporting child abuse whether you mean to or not. That is the truth.

  • Jennny

    Healing? I nearly choked to death on my morning caffeine here. Please don’t equate sexual abuse with a cut finger. It doesn’t just heal. No amount of pleading to the ceiling (prayer to you) is going to change that. The survivor’s life will be affected, ruined for decades. He/she will likely have attempted suicide, have eating disorders, self-harmed, had mental health problems. Here is a quote from an official enquiry into abuse in the UK:

    “I could be in a party and having the best time of my life, but I could
    smell something or somebody could say something or somebody could touch
    me and I’m right back to the abuse,” said one survivor. “Until the day I
    die that’s never going to change.”

    So it’s not possible for us to accept your derisory desire for us to experience your god’s ‘rich blessings.’ Bah, humbug!

  • Michael Neville

    I went to Catholic schools and, despite being mild-mannered and non-disruptive, I was beaten by the nuns and monks several times. Once I was lashed with a rattan cane on the buttocks because I asked a question that the monk couldn’t answer. So I can attest to the physical abuse that’s part of the Catholic education system.


    The systematic sexual abuse of children could have never been anything but common knowledge among the catholic clergy. Instead of moving to protect children, the clergy circled the wagons and protected themselves. Child rape has been the church’s dirty little secret for centuries. It’s long past time for this abomination to be exposed to the light of day.

  • Khanhminh Nguyen

    I am not a Christian. My parents are practicing Buddhists who pass their values on me. My life is just fine. You can have your god, but my family and I don’t.

    Thank you for your assertion.

  • Otto

    That is the part that gets me…yes there is awful sexual abuse that happened, but it is only a piece of the RCC’s shortcomings, the actual abuse goes much, much deeper. I am not saying I expect my abuse to be acknowledged…but the Church abuse should be talked about fully.

  • skl

    I think it’s naïve to believe the abuse problem is unique to the Catholic
    Church. Protestantism has tens of thousands of different denominations and if
    they got anywhere close to the magnifying glass treatment the CC gets you’d see
    some equally appalling numbers.

    For example, here’s what was found across the pond in an investigation of just
    one type of non-Catholic church in just one country:

    “… Thursday’s announcement by the Methodist church,
    which has formally apologised for 1,885 cases of abuse over the
    past 60 years.
    Despite media references to “historical abuse”, some of the cases are very
    It is time for Protestants who have complacently dismissed
    church abuse as a “Catholic problem” to face the reality that abuse is endemic
    across denominations.

    In terms of abuse in British churches,
    the 1,885 cases announced by the Methodists are undoubtedly the tip of the


  • Otto

    The problem isn’t the numbers. The problem is the Catholic Church is a highly hierarchical and centralized organization that has literally hid and allowed this behavior for centuries, the leadership at the very top knew about this problem and did nothing, and they would have continued to do nothing if they could have. Do you have a problem with that or are you going to continue to minimize and try and deflect from their responsibility?

  • skl

    That’s probably the first time I’ve been told sexual abuse isn’t a problem.

  • Otto

    Probably not the first time you insinuated it though.

  • wolfypuppy

    Thank you for your strongly worded statement, Courtney. Yes, I have many “liberal” Catholic friends. I don’t know how to bring this up with them. But you are so right, so on point.

  • MrOzAtheist

    Really well said, my friend. Saying you’re a member of the Catholic Church should be equal, if not worse than, saying you’re in the KKK. It should be met with disgust and loathing.

  • Jennny

    Teofilo de jesus. I am still incredibly angry and hurt on behalf of all survivors of sexual abuse, two days on that you think your jesus does anything towards healing. That’s not a fact, it’s a fiction. Here is another powerful sad quote from an abuse survivor. (edited to remove her swearwords as these may offend your religious fee-fees.)
    ‘This is our life. We do not get to run from it. We do not get to take a break. The nightmare is always there, lurking just behind us. At the very least, if we talk to you, stop telling us to bottle it up and shut up about it! That is what gets us reports like these! We have been trying to tell you for years, and you told us to keep quiet! If you’ve never been sexually abused, count yourselves lucky. It has ruined me. My characteristics made me meat. I spent decades believing I was good for nothing else. You cannot imagine that hell if you haven’t been there. You can’t imagine what it feels like to be told that your feelings about being abused matter less than your parents’ desire not tohear it. The cover-up hurts more than the crime. ‘
    I assume your faith means you believe in justice,so would like to think that from now on you’d consider stopping defending your church and make a stand against clergy abuse and doing all in your power (doing, not praying,) for it to cease and for criminals to be brought to justice. I guess it’s too much to hope you’d consider voting with your feet and leaving this wicked, evil, monstrous, disgusting, offensive, repugnant, abhorrent and revolting church.

  • Snagglefritz Sagenschnitter

    Catholics leaving the church on principle! Fat chance.

  • Otto

    I did…but you are right it is all too rare.

  • Raging Bee

    I think it’s naïve to believe the abuse problem is unique to the Catholic Church.

    So do we. That’s why none of us beleive that.

  • Raging Bee

    Who the fuck told you that? Certainly not Otto.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    I tell people, the one thing I learned in Catholic Grade School is that hitting and humiliation is not an effective approach for teaching penmanship.

    “At least it wasn’t sexual abuse” doesn’t make me feel better about it.

  • Peoplejustdon’tgetit

    I’m not Catholic but when I was young, I lived next door to a Catholic family.
    Their daughter and I were the same age and we played together.
    I remember one day I wanted her to go somewhere with me. It could have been to the swimming pool or something. We went into her house to ask her mom.
    Her mom was in the front living room with the sliding pocket doors closed.
    My friend said, “I’m not allowed to open them or bother my mom when they are closed.”
    I coerced her into opening them to ask her mom because I really wanted her to go.
    When she slid the doors open, a young priest was sitting on the couch with my friend’s mom bent over his lap like he was giving her a spanking. Boy, did she get yelled at and I felt so bad.
    Later I asked her what was going on and she explained the priest was giving her mom a spanking for her birthday.
    I kid you not!

  • 65 year old catholics response is “this makes it hard to be Catholic” 25 year olds are “Buh Bye”

  • DogGone

    and, not only that, but 6 members of the US Supreme Court out of 9 are going to belong to this creepy club. (Totally agree with you, btw)

  • DogGone

    Whatever, Dear.

  • DogGone

    Those sinful young people, tempting holy priests with their beautiful bodies and innocence. Shame on them. I have heard this from (formerly) Catholic women too. It must be very common. Digusting!!!!

  • Syzygy

    Probably true, but not relevant.

  • Ignorant Amos

    Take your whataboutery and cram it up her hole ya douchebag.

  • progressive and proud

    Kaboom!!! Well written and absolutely on point.

  • David Miller

    Bravo! Well said. But there are other grounds for not being a catholic other than sexual abuse, such as plain physical & emotional abuse. Any ex-catholics out there who suffered physical & emotional abuse over the damned yearly sale of the damned chocolate bars? Many a time I was bullied, scolded, hit on the face & belted by the damned nuns & once by a priest because I didn’t sell the required quota of the damned chocolate bars that I had “volunteered” for against my will. My family lived in a rural area, with the few nearest neighbors far off. Yet I was required to sell the damned chocolates. I was just an elementary school kid with no money of my own. My parents didn’t want to “waste” money on candy, so I was on my own. And if I didn’t sell I would be humiliated & hit in front of classmates at the damned catholic parochial school. So I was driven to steal money to be able to afford the damned chocolates. Very Dickensian, I was a catholic Artful Dodger at the service of Faginish nuns. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2d33b5f07fdb2c36e857470efa4752ecb0c391724a88d92dacaa573d3445cf6c.jpg

  • Sophotroph

    We will see the Vatican either burned to the ground or turned into a museum in our lifetime.

    Your devotion will not protect you from the consequences of your evil.

    Live in fear like the children you hate so much.

  • Thank you!

  • S. Arch

    I’m still surrounded by Catholics who wear their Catholicism on their sleeve and act holier-than-thou to non-Catholics. It triggers my gag reflex.

  • Boof’s Adventures in the Devil

    It’s unfair to El Chapo to compare him to the Catholic Church. Otherwise, you’re spot on.

  • Some guy

    As far as I’m concerned, I left at age 15 when I became an atheist, but a few years ago I finally wrote to tell them to stop including me in their body count. My deepest apologies to the church’s victims everywhere for not formalizing my defection decades ago.