Interview With Peter Klein, Author of Beyond God

Interview With Peter Klein, Author of Beyond God October 16, 2018

Last Friday, my podcast partner, Donovan Badrock and I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with Peter Klein and picking his brain. Peter works for the AFA or the Atheist Foundation of Australia. Recently, Peter published a book called Beyond God: Why Religions Are False, Outdated and Dangerous. I was totally honoured when I received a copy of the book from him in the mail, along with a letter thanking me for helping inspire his work. He had put my Twitter handle in the acknowledgements of this book.

When I got the chance to sit down and read Peter’s book, I was pleased. It’s a sort of beginning-to-end story of religion that goes into great detail about where religion fails. My favourite part of the book was the lengthy chapter on morality which totally destroys the moral argument for faith. There is no way any clear-thinking individual can read this chapter and come away still believing that religious morality is better than secular morality.

Lucky for you, you can grab Peter’s book in e-book format for free on Amazon for the next couple of days. It is absolutely worth the read. I loved this book. Click here to grab yours.

I hope you enjoy watching our interview with Peter as much as we enjoyed speaking with him. Here it is:

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  • Brianna LaPoint

    Its ok to be an Atheist and dont believe in god. its not ok to belittle, degrade and demean people because you dont think as they do. I have this same discussion with christians. I mean, if you cant be civil, people arent going to hear what you have to say.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    WAIT! WTF! You said I can get it for FREE!
    Can i have a link? Granted I’m a firm believer in the ‘internet is a free library’ (ie I’ma fucking pirate at times) but I can go to Amazon a d/l for FREE?


    Awww… I aint got A CC# or stuff.. So cant make an Amazon acct. PHHT

    Even though it is ‘free’ my lack of a credit card stops me from getting this for ‘free’ ):


    How about the author put it into

    The REAL free library.

    BTW, I will now watch the vid.. cause maybe I will learn something the author wants me to know w/o reading the ‘NOT SO FREE’ book.

  • I’m sure if you contacted him, he’d send you a copy. But the Kindle version is free. You pay nothing, you just need an account.

  • Exactly.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    yeah, but to get a amazon acct you need a CC, aint got.

  • “free” means “without cost”. There is no cost involved. If what you mean to say is that it is inconvenient, then that’s a whole other story. But it is free.