New video! How I I Felt Growing Up Without God

New video! How I I Felt Growing Up Without God October 5, 2018

I often get asked how I viewed religion growing up being as I had none. What did it look like from the outside? What were my feelings about it? I try to explain as best I can in this video using Jeff Goldblum and tutus. I hope it helps to understand what it was like for me seeing religious people worship as a complete, lifelong heathen.

I want to know: did you grow up religious? What religion did you grow up in? Or were you like me, raised without any religious belief? Let me know in the comments!

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  • igotbanned999

    Episcopal Christian when I was younger.

  • Jim Baerg

    I was raised non-religious. Dad was raised in a Mennonite community & at least questioned the doctrines from a young age. Mom was raised in the United Church of Canada & became non-religious, but was never very militantly antireligion. I guess the United Church provided less to rebel against.

    Reading history confirmed me in my non-belief. I recall reading about the Roman Empire post-Constantine, in Gibbon & in the Durant’s Story of Civilization & being struck by how in the disputes over what would be Orthodox Christianity & what would be heresy it always seemed to be the more batshit crazy belief which became Orthodoxy.

  • Jim Jones

    As I was growing up and experiencing this stuff, I merely observed that there was no discernible effect from all the praying and singing and it made not the slightest difference I could see to the moral character of the worshipers.

    On the other hand drinking alcohol definitely changed them, rarely for the better.

  • MystiqueLady

    I was raised loosely Lutheran. Differences between our church and others were never really discussed. Where I was raised, every one was one flavor of Christian or another. Everyone was vanilla whitebread where I grew up (mostly).

  • DannyC

    I grew up a mixture of Southern Baptist and Methodist. As a child, I wasn’t too invested in the theology but I assumed it must be true at some level because my grandfather was a Sunday School teacher and he couldn’t be wrong! Hell, I was baptized at age 22 of my own volition. It wasn’t until I met the Catholic woman I eventually married that the bat-shittery started to become obvious. I guess you could extend the Jeff Goldblum metaphor to say one religion thought his best movie was “Jurassic Park” while the other religion thought it was “The Fly.” Those two worlds could not coexist!