7 Things Outspoken Atheists Are Sick of Hearing

7 Things Outspoken Atheists Are Sick of Hearing January 29, 2019

Here’s the God’s honest truth, #NoHoly. Every morning when my alarm goes off, I pick up my phone and check Twitter, Instagram and Reddit while I wake up. I realize this is a choice and I don’t have to do this, but the fact of the matter is that I do. I do. I just don’t feel like I’m Godless Momming well enough unless I take my morning browbeating. Yes, I start the day with angry comments from believers who probably polish their knobs to thoughts of me burning in Hell. What can I say?

Predictably, within mere moments, I’ve had enough. It’s not so much that I’m bothered by what people say to me, it’s the sheer frequency. It’s the daily reminder that there are still so many people in this world for whom this nonsense makes sense. I mean, they come to me by choice. I don’t go looking for them, and they show up anyway with their wagging finger and their silly little book of ancient tales and they utter this nonsense… by choice. It’s gotten way beyond saying they will pray for me, now. The comments I get make only one thing clear: their authors have not thought much through. Ever.

The absolute worst is Instagram. I don’t know what’s going on there, but it feels like a farm for the deeply disturbed. It’s as if Instagram is producing a commodity and it’s not social networking. No, instead, it’s pumping out morons at a rate faster than George R.R. Martin can kill off your favourite characters. The more followers I get there, the more rapidly these comments are fired in my direction. Having just reached 30k, it’s gotten completely out of control. I get so sick of fielding the same BS comments and questions every day. So, naturally, I had to make you feel my pain, too. Here are seven things I’m sick to death of hearing as an outspoken atheist.

1. If you don’t believe in God, why do you talk about him constantly?

Well, I don’t. That’s the short answer. The long answer is that even if it was all I talked about online as Godless Mom, which it isn’t and a quick scroll through my timeline will prove it, you have no clue what I talk about the other 99.9% of my life when I am not on Instagram! The only thing this comment does is illustrate the fact that you think Instagram is an accurate representation of someone’s entire life. That people who share beer photos have a permanent buzz on and might need an intervention. That people who post shots of food most often are only ever sat in front of a plate of grub, stuffing their ever-growing faces. Instagram posts are just tiny snaps of our lives and some accounts, like mine, are there to promote something. In my case, my Instagram exists to promote my blog, so, yes, it’s going to be overwhelmingly about the topics I write about here. After I take a second to post something, though, I put my phone down and have a life outside of Instagram. Don’t you?

2. Quit bashing religious people!

You’d laugh if you saw my face instantly contort into a look of disgust when the word, “bashing” is uttered. When you say “bashing” I hear, “Hi. I got my vocab from The Suite Life On Deck with Zack & Cody and that’s the depressing extent to which my education will ever reach.” I’m not bashing anyone except that little gay-hating dunce, Frank Turek. Just because I dislike one idea you hold, doesn’t mean I dislike you. It doesn’t mean I think you should have fewer rights, or that you’re not as clever as the rest of us. It doesn’t mean I think you should have anything, including your faith, taken from you, or that you should even be talked out of your faith. I don’t give two flying hecks on a donkey what you believe… until, or unless you use it to affect the lives of others. I am not bashing you, I’m criticizing and ridiculing ideas I feel are dangerous. If you make that personal, that’s your choice and no one else’s.

You see, I have an opinion on the existence of God just like you do. And just like you can assert there is a God, I can express my opinions on the same topic, too. That’s the best part of freedom of speech: it’s not just yours. It’s also mine. I have every right to express my take on the existence of God and all the stories in the Bible as you do. Sure, we have opposite opinions, but expressing those opposing opinions is not bashing each other. It’s just a differing viewpoint that you’re going to have to get used to.

3. You’re as bad as Christian fundamentalists!

Except that I don’t want to take your rights away. I don’t want to affect policy that will stop you from living out your life the way you feel is right for you. Well, until that lifestyle starts to actually and demonstrably harm other people.

4. You define yourself by what you lack.

I love that when people say this to me, they’re clearly ignoring the “mom” part of “Godless Mom”, but that’s beside the point. No one who has ever laid eyes on my Twitter, Instagram, blog or Facebook page knows how I define myself unless they know me in real life. It’s shockingly arrogant to think any single one of you have any insight into how I define myself. This is the internet, for Thor’s sake! This is not my entire world. Not even close. Perhaps it’s your whole world, but it is so not mine. I’m a traveler, a swimmer, a hiker, a mom, a stepmom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a volunteer, an employee, a cooking enthusiast, a voracious reader, an activist, a pet owner, a failed clean freak, an artist, a writer and a lover of beer and great storytelling. There’s just so, so much more going on in my life than what I share on the internet.

5. Atheists have so much to say about a book they’ve never actually read!

Not counting those times I read it, then?

6. You think religious people are stupid!

Nope. No, I don’t. I think religious people are going about their understanding of reality horribly wrong, but I don’t think they’re stupid. I think they’ve been lied to, they’ve been led to believe the things they believe and given little to no choice in the matter. Most of the atheists I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know as Godless Mom are ex-theists and not a single one of them is stupid. I don’t believe they used to be stupid. Merely misinformed. I think your holy book is stupid. I think your myths are idiotic. That’s no different from me thinking the Danielle Steele books my mom used to read are vacuous piles of dipshittery. I still love her. I still think she’s a smart lady.

7. Why are you quoting him? He’s not an atheist!

I guess I was absent the day they handed out the atheist handbook in which it says that once one identifies as an atheist one must only ever quote or appreciate people who also identify as such. My bad. This may sting a little, you mental imp, but just because you limit who you can respect to those who share all the same opinions as you, doesn’t mean the rest of us do. I’m not a fan of the echo chamber. I can and do appreciate things that all sorts of people say, whether they believe the same things as me or not. There have been plenty of religious people throughout our vast history who have uttered wonderful, quotable things, and my lack of a belief in a god isn’t gonna stop me from sharing them. You can stick to your “own kind” if you want, but me, I like how Kilgore Trout, a believer (albeit fictional), said it,

Takes all kinds of people to make up a world.

What are you sick of hearing as an atheist? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Jennny

    Neil Carter wrote something today that resonated with me, that x-tians know our atheism is ‘just a phase.’ I’ve had the ‘you’re violent, angry, a feminist (usually preceded by the adjectives, rabid or radical), disobedient, too stupid to see The Truth, wanting sexual freedom…and on..and on. But my closest family are sure I’ll ‘get over it’ and see how the serious illness I recovered from (thanks to wonderful medical intervention) was All Part Of His Wonderful Plan For My Life and I’ll acknowledge it was All For His Greater Glory….ain’t ever gonna happen, sorry folks!

  • abb3w

    I am not bashing you, I’m criticizing and ridiculing ideas I feel are dangerous. If you make that personal, that’s your choice and no one else’s.

    Cue Grammar Lesson….

    I don’t want to affect policy that will stop you from living out your life the way you feel is right for you. Well, until that lifestyle starts to actually and demonstrably harm other people.

    By what measure of “harm”?

    I don’t think they’re stupid.

    Well, the extent is obviously dependent on how one defines the measure of “stupid” versus “smart”; and for most ordinary measures, they’re not all “stupid”, any more than the irreligious are all “smart”.

    Contrariwise, using the past decade of data from the US General Social Survey, and in so far as the composite survey variable WORDSUM roughly corresponds to a measure of “general intelligence”, and considering relative measure between those in various categories, there is a tendency for those who are irreligious (measured via RELITEN), for those who interpret the Bible as Fable (BIBLE), and for those who disbelieve in God (GOD) to measure as modestly “more intelligent” than those who are strongly religious, interpret the Bible as the Literal Word Of God, and who assert that they know God exists.

    Nohow, it may bear repeating that there are outliers from these means.

  • Ellen Mottley Tannenbaum

    I expected to see “why do you hate God?” on the list.

  • Cryny

    I think that one is just the Free Space on the bingo card.

  • Tell you what, True Believers everywhere: You stop threatening minor children, non-believers, and different-believers with the wrath of your imaginary fiend. You stop trying to force your views upon civil society.

    Then, and only then, will I stop “bashing” you. Deal?

  • igotbanned999

    Except that I don’t want to take your rights away.

    Sure you do. You want to take away their rights to prevent women from having abortions, stop gays from marrying, and indoctrinate children with their religion in public schools.

    At least that’s how they see it.

  • Graham Heron

    What are you sick of hearing as an atheist?

    I would love to have lots of people know I am an atheist and bother me with inane comments.
    However, I live on a religiously inclined island and politically it’s not good to be seen as an out and out atheist. It could seriously negatively affect my life.
    So, when I see #2 Quit bashing religious people’, I would love the chance to NOT be afraid of THEM in the first place.

    Thanks for ‘fighting’ when others can’t.

    (I could have work permit refused leaving me with no income, no job, having to leave the island and go to another country where I have nothing, no support network etc. I’m not young, so to try to start over from nothing would be very difficult.)

  • Clancy

    Oooh! I don’t meet those kind of Christians often. I’m good at adjectives, too.

  • Raging Bee

    I thought “you’re just angry at God for not giving you a pony!” was the Free Space.

  • ephemerol

    Don’t be silly. Christians have 3-Free-Spaces-in-1, so you can all be right.

    The “holy ghost” Free Space is “You only say you’re an atheist because you want a license to sin!”

  • I hate hearing: “Hey, is that the burden of proof hiding behind that telephone pole over there?” Eek! They get me every time with that one, the scamps.

  • Rick K

    It’s ok for them to get all glassy-eyed and say “I just want to share the joy I feel in accepting Him”, and to use this as an excuse to aggressively press their views.

    My response: get all glassy-eyed and say “I just want to share with you the joy of being free of cognitive dissonance”.

  • Rick K

    response: The only reason you’re not sinning is fear of God. I have no fear of God but am not sinning. Which is better: enforced decency or innate decency?

  • MystiqueLady

    I like your reference to Danielle Steele. I have been “engaged” by strangers who see I’m reading whatever weighty tome that caught my attention, who have interrupted me with a line such as: “I read a lot, too. My favorite author is Danielle Steele.” At that point, I normally glare at them and return to whatever I’m reading. With audio books it’s easier to keep unwanted interactions at bay. I’m sitting there with my headphones one, listening to whatever has taken my fancy, and I tat or knit, feeling free to ignore whatever is going on around me at the time.

  • MystiqueLady

    When I met my second husband, he was a very open atheist. I practice Zen Buddhism — the atheist variety. Shortly after we met, his father had passed away. Because he was Catholic (and probably due to a lot of family pressure) there was the full Catholic funeral thing — Rosary, Mass in the Holy Shrine, Graveside service, the whole nine yards. All during that funeral my soon to be husband kept telling me that he did NOT want this when he died. My husband died, almost three years ago, in one sense, it was very quick — he had an accidental overdose of prescription opioids. He was all but dead, but we had to wait a few hours, while the oxygen finally left his blood entirely. During the process, my (very catholic) SIL wanted to call in a Priest for Last Rites. My husband was raised Catholic, but he left the church fairly early on. I asked her why? He was, for all intents and purposes dead, and he was an atheist. She said that she thought it would be a comfort. I asked to whom? I’m a Zen Buddhist, and unless that little bottle of magic water could bring him back, there was no comfort there. A few days after he died, one of his cousins was insistent that on when was I holding the Rosary and the mass. I had to tell her three times that there would be no rosary or mass. That I would be having a small memorial service at my house later (his body was still with the coroner’s office at that time), and that I had already made arrangements for cremation (to say nothing of the fact that i had no money for any sort of a funeral). She finally stopped asking about it when I told her that she could feel free to hold a rosary and a mass, but that I would not be attending. So much for atheism being a phase for him. Which means, I need to update my will and leave specific instructions for my funeral (I am an organ donor, so what ever remains will be cremated) — and they can do what they wish with my ashes — like use it to fertilize roses (there’s enough bone ash in cremains that are actually beneficial to roses).

  • ephemerol

    Some christian cliché counter-responses:

    1) “You’re self-righteous.”
    1a) “Rom 3:10 There is none righteous, no, not one.” / “Isa 64:6 All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags.”

    2) “Do you observe [stupid commandment it makes no sense to be observant of if you’re not a christian]?”
    2a) “See, you do sin after all, you’re just: in denial / self-righteous.”

    3) “If you’re telling the truth, what better proof could there be that you really do believe in god so why are you so afraid to say so?”
    3a) “You’re: lying / afraid to admit to us that we’re right about you.”

    4) “Everyone sins. What possible reason could you have for wanting to: be not forgiven / go to hell?”
    4a) “You’re: lying / afraid to admit to us that we’re right about you.”

    5) “I’ll pray for you.” [“Get thee behind me thou spawn of satan.”]

  • Michael Neville

    “You can’t prove that God doesn’t exist” ranks up there, along with “when you’re in Hell then you’ll know that God exists.”

  • Jennny

    I’m so sorry to read your story, at a time when you most needed support, religion was more important to your relatives than empathy and listening to your, and your husband’s wishes.

  • blogcom

    Its time for some introspection to answer the timeless question why the heathens rage.
    No soundbites, projection and careless automated responses.
    Just point the finger inward and apply some raw honesty.
    But not betting on it happening.

  • Sophotroph

    We rage because you still think moving towards theocracy is no big deal. This has already been explained to you.

    We will stop when your power has run dry and there is no danger of you legislating your ignorant beliefs.

    We won’t have to rage for all that much longer.

  • blogcom

    Using fabrications in a poor attempt at self justification won’t do.
    And you miss the point entirely- the question is one of the ages- as Pascale put it the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.
    I assume you don’t need an interpretation as to its meaning?
    And exactly what is my power….. are you nuts?

  • blogcom

    Non believers have always raged and always will.

  • blogcom

    Re; we will stop when your power has run dry……..
    Then good luck with those delusion of grandeur ambitions of yours because you will not proceed unchallenged.

  • blogcom

    We won’t have to rage for all that much longer……
    You reckon hey?
    You’ll be responded to in kind me thinks.

  • Illithid

    Well, I go in more for civil debate rather than raging, but many atheists are angry at the harm done them by the religious. For example, I nearly killed myself because I’d absorbed the religious idea that it was sick and wrong to like other guys. Lots of kids don’t get to say “almost”.

    On a somewhat related note, one thing I’m sick of hearing is how bleak and meaningless my life must be without belief in an invisible tyrant dictating my destiny. Sounds kinda silly when put like that, no?

  • Berlzebub

    What are you sick of hearing as an atheist?

    Believer: “I have the amazing and irrefutable proof of His existence!”

    What follows is either a feeling they had when they were praying, or some “miracle” that happened to them. Then when you point out that feeling can be felt just by listening to a song that evokes emotion, or that the “miracle” doesn’t require a deity (the actually definition of miracle), they claim we just don’t want to believe.

  • My personal favorite, the “na na na na boo boo you’ll see one day when you are in hell” threat.

  • wolfypuppy

    “Atheism is a belief system just like religion.” “Atheism has dogma, too.” No, it frickin’ doesn’t, and I’m not arguing with you about it because it’s on the Internet. Go find it yourself. I shared that Atheist pride meme that was going around about atheists being the least violent, and a (liberal) Christian friend had the gall to say that wasn’t true because Stalin and Mao. ??!!??!! Mouth hanging open here. Faceplant. Nope. What irritates me right now is people bringing up the same old arguments and trying them on me because I’m the atheist they know. Go online, people! Find another atheist. I’m busy! Thanks for this, Godless Mom. You’ve said what a lot of us are thinking, too!

  • Douglas Bailey

    “Thinking atheism is a belief, is like thinking bald is a hair color”

  • Wile F. Coyote

    “You’ll finally admit you believe when you’re on your deathbed. Every atheist realizes — admits — they believe in God when they are about to die.” — actually said to me recently by a fundavangelical sibling

  • Matthew Ireland

    A thought…

    Take your answers from this post and save them somewhere. Then when you get these questions / observations you can just link them to the answer. It will save you a great deal of typing.

    Or you can just give them the number of the response with AB (answered before), voila even less typing.

  • Chamber

    Don’t you know that jeses died on the cross for you’re sins? What I know is only annoying hucksters will chase you down in a parking lot screaming this question at you.

  • I hate when I tell someone I’m an atheist and all they can say is, “Parking’s ten bucks. Lot closes at 1 AM.”

  • Robert Baden

    Do you believe Mohammed is God’s Prophet? If not why not?

  • Martin Penwald

    So, ready to acknowledge that islam is the only true religion and that all christians should convert or die?


    I get tired of hearing them saying that people are in hell when they have no proof that there is a hell or saying that people are in hell when they don’t know if that person is in hell. I would asks them did God come down and tell them if that the person(s) is in hell or not and they not reply at all.


    If Atheism is a religion that some Christians state it is, then why don’t I see any places where atheists gather to talk just like people go to their places of worships on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?

  • Tervuren

    My favorite is being told I just want to ‘sin’. I like to then point out that I have been happily married for over forty years, and work as a Special Ed Teacher. Then I am told that I know nothing about religion, and I have to point out that I was once devout, and was a sometime ASL interpreter for Mass.


    Theists are very quick to cry persecution when ever the sanctity of their beliefs are called into question. They are also the people who would be quickest to persecute others if the only could. If the world would like to see what genuine persecution looks like……put the evangelical preachers in charge.

  • wolfypuppy

    Right. What’s an atheist wedding? Baptism? Funeral? Do atheists recite anything when they get together? No. Any way you define religion, atheism isn’t one. Lack of belief is not a belief, and it’s certainly not a “system.” Another pet peeve of mine is when Christians try to tell me what atheism is. Do I tell them they’re wrong about Christianity? NO. If you’re not an atheist, you have no right to define it. A few years ago I was attending a UU church when it had an atheist minister. I volunteered for the teen “religious” education. We defined religion and went through a different one each week so the kids would get an idea of the main tenets. It was so obvious, from the commonalities of all religions, that atheism is not one! It’s not even an “identity,” since each atheist may or may not have anything in common with another atheist. Argh.

  • wolfypuppy

    Been there, over that. It’s time for them to do their own mental labor. It’s the same with stuff like “prove to me that climate change exists!” No, dimwad, the data’s out there. Find it yourself. I remember once telling someone that I would explain it to them–if they paid me for my time.

  • guerillasurgeon

    “It’s the daily reminder that there are still so many people in this world for whom this nonsense makes sense. ”
    God yes! And it’s mentally wearing dealing with them. I’m thinking of taking a holiday from one of my favourite blogs because I’m being ground down.

  • Jim Jones

    See also Reef Burials.

  • Thebob

    Why would you want to live in a place like that to begin with, if you have nothing in common with those in that society? Sounds to me like fear is controlling your life; the fear of the unknown…

  • Thebob

    Just funny, @godlessmom says atheist don’t do this or that, yet just look at the comments below, every single one bashing “believers”…I thought you all were suppose to be the tolerant ones, no? @godlessmom may not be like that; in your private life, but on here online, you sure are and those who follow sure as hell do it all the time…Not one believer can make a comment on here with out being bashed or called stupid etc..etc..basically everything you said that doesn’t happen actually happens…so either @godlessmom is either blind to the truth or just ignorant of reality…Reality is Majority of the Planet are “believers” in one form or another, ya’ll are the very very small minority; and people take great offense to when their core of whom they are is attacked repeatedly by so called self away tolerant people AKA atheists…And let the attacks proceed…

  • Berlzebub

    Perhaps living there isn’t by choice. I got the feeling that he was born and raised there (no support in another country) before, so he doesn’t have a means to leave.

  • Thebob

    Highly doubtful, plausible but doubtful, that kind of thinking I am sure, is not how the 1000’s of illegals think when treking 1000’s of miles to find a so called better life…That is small minded thinking…

  • Berlzebub

    I’m being small minded? We know nothing about his health, age (other than he’s not young), if he has a wife/kids, what skills he has or how they’d transfer to another country, or his island’s economy. I’m not being small minded. You’re showing your ignorance of his circumstances, and judging him based on your assumptions.

  • Thebob

    No, you are…I stated, what you said was plausible, but with that also being Small minded, and I gave you an example; you also made assumptions and continue to make assumptions, all I did was give my opinion, “Highly doubtful, plausible, but doubtful”…While you made assumptions about him…my comment was to him or her, so instead of you speaking on their behalf how about you let the person comment if they so choose, so you can stop making an ass out of you and me…And you’re also assuming it is a HE…HOW DARE YOU!!!

  • Berlzebub

    I’m trying to figure out if that’s tu quoque, or just gaslighting.

  • Thebob

    You were pretty consistent with your assumptions about myself and said poster…

  • Berlzebub

    My assumption about Graham Heron was that they (thanks for pointing out that assumption, seriously) were unable to get out of their current predicament due to circumstances. Anything I said to them, however empathetic it may have been, would only have been the equivalent of thoughts and prayers. Since I had no advice to give, then I decided not to comment to them.

    Perhaps I did make a judgment that you have privileges and circumstances where escaping Graham Heron’s circumstances would be easier, and for that I apologize.

  • Graham Heron

    I’m an ex-pat. Have to have a work permit to be allowed to stay and work on island. It’s where I have a job and an income. It’s always been difficult for me to find work elsewhere, and I’ve had a spotted work history. My family are not an emotionally close family and so I don’t have fiscal or emotional support from them. I’ve lived in two other countries and my roots are not deep in either one, so I am dependent on my own resources. If I get kicked off the island, it would be challenging to get another job, find somewhere to live etc., or at the every least, the time taken to find work would heavily deplete my savings leaving me with a reduced safety net. I would not be surprised to end up homeless if I was forced off island. This is not an uncommon situation for many other people I know (e.g for those in hospitality industry where wages aren’t good).
    Bear in mind a person has a complex range of beliefs and preferences. Atheism is but one aspect of my character. I would much rather be open and active as such, but it is far safer to not raise my head above the parapet for now. I know other people of various religious beliefs (non-xtian) as well as from the LGBT community. One guy I know is in a long term relationship with his boyfriend (who I don’t know). He NEVER socialises in public with his significant other due to the likely repercussions of being outed. That said, he generally known to be gay but keeps it low key.

    Hope that puts matters into perspective for you. The ‘afraid’ is limited to this one area and is used in a softer sense rather than the more extreme sense (such as I’m afraid of heights referring to a very healthy respect of them compared to a phobia of heights).

  • Graham Heron

    Definitely male, never heard of a female called Graham (as a first name).

  • Graham Heron

    Having applied for many hundreds of jobs in my field of education and experience (chemistry) to no avail, I know finding work is difficult. (I’ve had employers tell me that I was too old despite having some excellent experience – and that was 20 years ago).
    I found myself on this island and have spent several years creating an opportunity to gain better employment in an area other than in chemistry. I think I have more of a chance to have gainful employment here than elsewhere. One of the disadvantages is that it is a religious island and I am an atheist. They have their privilege and to garner adverse attention would cause problems that I wish to avoid.
    The benefits of having employment are greater than the disadvantage of being openly and more militant in my atheism.

  • Graham Heron

    As an example of the ‘privilege’ used against non-xtians.
    A friend (Buddhist) was going for permanent residency. He attended a local xtian church (apparently not uncommon for Buddhists). He asked the pastor (who he had known for several years) for a character reference letter as part of his application. All it had to state was that he was a regular attendee of the church (for several years) and was an active participant – both true. The character letter was refused on the grounds that my friend was not a xtian. That was it, no other reason.

  • ERRN55

    How about ‘what if you’re wrong (and therefore go to hell etc etc).’

  • Thebob

    Sounds like to me, you just need to better market yourself, or develop new skills to be more competitive…Or don’t and forever remain in the same position you’re in…Which again to me sounds like you’re Afraid either of change or afraid of the unknown, again which is change…

  • Raging Bee

    Speak for yourself — YOU can’t comment here without being called stupid, because your comments ARE stupid. ‘Majority of the Planet are “believers” in one form or another, ya’ll are the very very small minority?’ Really? You do know that argument was used to belittle the first Christians back in Roman times, right?

    Grow the fuck up already.

  • Raging Bee

    We’ve already done that. You haven’t.

  • Thebob

    You and your’s started with the attacks first, dumb cunt, just defending and acting accordingly to your kind, treat those as they want to be treated, you and your’s are treating me like crap so guess that means ya’ll want to be treated like CRAP cause that is what you are CRAP POS humans plain and simple, regardless of belief’s YOU’RE A POS… PROVE ME WRONG as you all like to say…

  • Thebob

    How about all you Child Adults just sit down stfu and let the real adults do the adulting around here…Thanks once again for further proving my point that Atheists are nothing but haters whom think they have intellectual superiority and tolerant; which is completely utterly the opposite…

    You lack any and all Intelligence and are not Tolerant in anyway…You all can’t even come to a common consensus on the meaning of a word…Will be fun to watch you all eat yourself apart…

  • 24CaratHooligan

    “You do believe really, you’re just being willful.” I’m always tempted to ask why they don’t believe in Odin, Zeus or Quezlcoatl but I suspect my mother will throw holy water on me.

  • Raging Bee

    We’ve been listening to you, and you’ve had nothing to offer but incoherent stupidity and random insults. Flagged for babyishness.

  • Thebob

    You have yet to engage with out throwing insults, right from the start…YOU and others on here, lack all ability to debate or engage others with differing points of view…Resort to slinging hate and insults…You Dumb Cunt…

  • Raging Bee


  • Thebob

    Again, child sit down, let the Adults do the adulting…

  • Raging Bee

    Still sitting and waiting for you to act like an adult…

  • Thebob

    Might want to take that stick out your ass also, I will wait…

  • Raging Bee

    Looking for more excuses to avoid putting your money where your mouth is? Why am I not surprised? Flagged.

  • Thebob

    Waiting on you to answer one of my basic questions…you have only resorted to your basic instinct of Bigotry and Hate, which is all you know how to do, not blaiming you for that; it was how you were told to behave when challenged intellectually when you don’t know how to reply…

    I will give it a go…serious question, do you fuck your dog? pretty simple to answer…or should be.

  • Raging Bee

    If that’s your idea of a “serious question,” then you have serious problems. And that’s all the answer you deserve. Get help.

  • Raging Bee

    Oh, and flagged for all-around pointless vulgarity and obnoxious mouth-breather conduct.

  • Raging Bee

    Related blither-point: “When you have more emotional maturity, you’ll understand.”

  • Thebob

    Either it is no or you won’t answer honestly online, I will assume “No”, then respond with Why not? Assuming again, your answer will be cause dog’s can’t give consent, but then that means every female dog out there that had puppies was raped…yet you claim that Humans are just animals, is that not the case?

  • Thebob

    see can’t even answer a simple question or you just don’t want to lie online…I won’t judge you, not my place…

  • Thebob

    Seems like I touched a nerve…Wow you do have a soul it seems like…oh wait, doing ‘it’ with a dog is wrong, but killing babies is justified cause it is a woman’s body…And you say I am the mouth breather…LMAO not sure how anyone can justify killing of a child or unborn that isn’t SICK in the head…

  • Thebob

    Vulgarity, would imply that words have more than just meaning, and would infer a Moral compass that words would be judged by a superior power…So sorry to burst you’re bubble but words are just words in your world vulgarity is based on Christian/Religious values that you can’t use…That is, unless you are willing to cede that your Morals come from Western Christianity biblical based morals that have been passed down from generation to generation to you…Or don’t and words are just words with out any morally good or morally bad behind them…

  • Thebob

    Looking for more babies to murder?

  • Thebob

    wanny wanny wanny…All I heard, is “I’m a dirty cunt who likes to murder babies, in fact I love it so much that if it came out drinking the blood of babies would extend my life I would drink em like a 12 pack”…You and everyone else like you are NOTHING BUT COWARDS QUIVERING FILTHY COWARDS…

  • Raging Bee

    Special Pleading to the rescue!

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    I’m seeing “WAAAAAhhhh…..he hit me BACK first!!!!!”


  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    Why do YOUR KIND always go to the ‘killing babies’ lie?

    YOUR KIND couldn’t look into the ejecta from a typical abortion and tell anything without a microscope.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    We rage because YOUR KIND are trying to force us to bend the knee to your fucked up hateful superstition.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    “Using fabrications in a poor attempt at self justification won’t do. ”

    At last! A rare moment of self realization!

    (um…nope. Projection by an asshole…)

  • What is the saying? “Discretion is the better part of valor.” We all choose to prioritize different parts of our lives, as you are describing, I think. Wisdom and self-care mean knowing which parts of ourselves to share with whom, when the circumstances are right for change and when we are best served by biding our time. Be well.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    “How about all you Child Adults just sit down stfu and let the real adults do the adulting around here”

    How about you get the hint that you’re a lying offensive idiot and fuck back off to under whatever slimy rock you emerged from beneath?

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    “babies to murder”


    That’s YOUR KIND…at the US / Mexico border…and we have the receipts, right from Kristin Neilsen’s mouth.

  • strewth

    “But what if you’re wrong?”
    “Jesus loves you anyway”
    “God will forgive you”
    “You can’t be good without god”
    Or my all-time favourite, when they find out I’m an atheist: “Let me tell you the good news”. Like I wasn’t forced to read that drivel during my 5 years of catholic school.

  • TheNuszAbides

    Um … check “Sunday Assembly” on Wikip. and/or a search for “atheist church” articles/sites.

    Also please note that the above was merely a straightforward answer to your question; I am an atheist who agrees that atheism is not a religion BUT I also think some nuanced inclusion like “spectrum of belief/disbelief/worldview” is still important [no matter how many blowhards, willfully or otherwise, misunderstand it] because of how, e.g., some prison resources are structured/accessed.

    See also The Satanic Temple’s website for arguably the clearest* example of (a) nonbelievers having an organized stake in a secular society that yet privileges religion to some extent; (b) not requiring a quasi-external supernaturalist CreatorBoss personality to sort out a hypothesis for meaningful/useful behavioral guidelines.

    *except for the sphincter-clenching and/or derail that may result from merely seeing/hearing the S-word! if one is conditioned by particular “mono”theistic cul-de-sacs. Okay, maybe one of the orgs dedicated to secular humanism without any symbolic flourishes/trappings would be a clearer example …

  • TheNuszAbides

    As well-illustrated by one of my very few personal heroes, Non Stamp Collector! (punch that in on YouTube, and he has his own [eponymous] site for combing through the finer points.)

  • Douglas Bailey

    Excellent. Thanks for introducing me to this source