What Would You Do If Christianity Were Proven True?

What Would You Do If Christianity Were Proven True? August 27, 2019

So, I was asked in an email the other day what I would do if Christianity were proven to be factual and true and there was no denying Jesus is the son of God any longer. While I clawed my way through the rest of the email, dotted with familiar phrases like “typical atheist” and “denying the evidence all around you” and accusations of being under the control of Beelzebub himself, I had a bit of a giggle fit. I mean really, what would that mean if Christianity were true?

If Christianity were true, and the Bible was 100% non-fiction, we’d all be the products of an incestuous line of ancestors. We’d make Deliverance look like a heartwarming coming-of-age story. Romance novels would have taglines like “No one could tame the heat of Grandma’s desire. No one but Uncle Jim.”. Thanksgiving would be considered a group date. Baptism would be a touch more difficult what with everyone growing arms out of their foreheads and you’d get two Jesus wafers at Communion, one for each of your cannibalistic mouths.

We would have to reassess the meanings of words like “omniscient”, “omnipotent” and “benevolent” because they clearly do not mean what we thought they meant. Heck, we would have to reassess everything we thought we knew, what with that trickster god, Satan, running around burying dinosaur bones and trying to draw us all into butt sex and Harry Potter.

We’d also know, beyond any doubt, that free will isn’t a thing at all since we really don’t have much of a choice between worshipping or eternal torture. That’s like going to a buffet stocked with endless bowls of donkey dung and one bowl of overcooked, underseasoned corn niblets and saying, “Look at all the choices!”.

We’d suddenly be living in a world where resurrection is possible, where three days is considered a “sacrifice” and where all our sins have been forgiven, except that they haven’t so, repent you filthy meat sacks! Will you learn the donkey language? Or snake? Will your next Airbnb be in the belly of a whale?

All that aside, though, if Christianity were proven true and no one could deny its factuality, would I worship god? Would I grovel at his feet and beg his forgiveness for this blog, all the pre-marital pole-smoking and my inability to stop blaspheming? Would I stop writing and tweeting as Godless Mom and drag my kids to church? Would I suddenly shun my gay friends and family, speak out against going to palm prom or get baptised by a man in a silly hat?

Nah. I wouldn’t do any of that BS. Mostly because I am a decent human being.

I wouldn’t – no – couldn’t worship a god who wants us to believe he’s merciful but who also demands we love him and if we don’t he’ll throw us in the fire, forever.

I couldn’t worship a god who chose to sacrifice the life of his son to create some cosmic loophole through which our loathsome little sinning selves could be forgiven. Especially when given he’s omnipotent, he could have just forgiven us without all the pageantry.

I couldn’t worship a god who swears he is perfect, but somehow it’s our fault that he messed us up and made us flawed.

Jesus dog butt

I definitely could not worship any sort of deity who, for a good 2000 years, only appeared on toast, grilled cheese sandwiches and the curly fur swirls around a dog’s buttshole.

I couldn’t worship a god who, with his omnipotence, could do something about all the suffering in the world, which he clearly knows about being as he’s omniscient, but chooses not to. I couldn’t worship a god who claims he does nothing about the suffering our world is plagued with because he wants to protect our free will when we clearly already know we have none – worship or burn is not free will. Choices made under such duress are not actually choices.

I couldn’t worship a god who watches us while we’re doing the forbidden polka, the two-fingered tango or polishing the trombone to ensure we’re doing it just the way he wants and if we’re not, we burn. I couldn’t worship a god who gave any sort of a heck which holes are invaded by the old General and his two Colonels or how many uteri are in the room when a woman writhes with the ecstasy of orgasm.

Finally, I couldn’t worship a god who doesn’t even allow for an escape from his immoral tyranny; his Hitchensian celestial dictatorship, because even doing yourself in will send you straight to the flames of hell.

So, what would I do if I found out Christianity was true? Well, I’d just have to yell louder, fight harder and blog more right here on Godless Mom. I’m sorry to say, believers, but it’d just add fuel to my fire.

What would you do if Christianity were proven true? Let me know in the comments!

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