Is Being An Atheist Fun?

Is Being An Atheist Fun? September 6, 2019

If you can imagine me dancing poorly with complete abandon surrounded by svelt male go-go dancers in holographic banana hammocks, hanging desperately onto a drink with one hand and balancing my drunk ass with the other, then you can imagine one of the most fun moments of my life: My first time at a gay club.

It was my best friend’s birthday. We were all there to dance with her and celebrate her, and we had the time of our lives. At least, until I was kicked out for being too drunk, but that’s another blog post. The point here is that it was pure, unbridled fun.

I’m not here to get all braggadocious up in your grill, but my life has been filled with many fun days and nights, at least as fun as the night I got kicked out of Vancouver’s Celebrities. I’ve travelled half the world and back again, and I’ve had some incredibly enjoyable jobs. I’ve lived in new cities and new countries, and I currently live in a veritable playground made of hills and hiking trails and lakes and wineries, and I spend every day with my best friend and our loving children. To say my life has been fun would be an understatement. Of course, I’ve had many valleys among the peaks, but overall, my life has been incredibly enjoyable.

So, if someone poses the question, “is it fun to be an atheist?”, as someone did recently on Reddit, I can say that yes, my experience as an atheist has been fun.

But here’s the thing. It’s not because I am an atheist.

My atheism doesn’t inform any part of my life, not even my atheist activism. My atheism is just me being skeptical when you tell me you have a god. No, the fun in my life can be attributed to many things, but none of them is my atheism.

A theist could have enjoyed every moment of life that I’ve taken pleasure in just as easily as I did.

From Giphy

We are all fully aware of the fact that some gods would disapprove of many of life’s best opportunities for fun.

Imagine a fundamentalist Christian or Mormon at Celebrities night club. Would they even have gone? Would they have the friends I did? Would they keep the company of people who wanted to celebrate their birthday in a gay bar? Likely not. This sort of believer would not have even had the opportunity to enjoy a night like this.

Now, imagine a not-so-orthodox Christian or someone who loosely identifies as Muslim spending the evening with their LGBTQ friends in a gay bar. These sorts of religious people might have a diverse group of friends and might join in on the birthday fun at a gay club. But do you think that maybe some of them might walk away with some guilt or shame? Do you think they would beat themselves up wondering if they pissed off their god? Do you think a night like that would be as fun for this sort of believer as it was for me?

Likely not.

As such, I think I can safely say that some of life’s best experiences can give more joy to an atheist than they can to a believer. Of course, you can flip that and say that the theist would get more enjoyment out of going to church and Sunday school and a good sermon, but these enjoyments are all tied in with their religion. The sort of fun that comes with promises of heaven and threats of hell is a coerced pleasure. It’s as simple as that.

So, I’d say that yes, in a minimal way, being an atheist has enabled me to draw more joy from life.

My experience, though, is not the same as all other atheists. I’ve been collecting your stories of how you came to identify as an atheist for some time now. Many of them are excruciatingly painful to read. Some of you have lost your family over it. Some have lost their careers. Others still have lost friends and community and their overall sense of belonging. Some of you still struggle with the guilt that came with a belief in a jealous and angry god.

Some atheists live in terror every single day. They fear that someone might find out that they no longer believe because if someone does, they will surely be killed.

So, when you ask if it’s fun to be an atheist, really, the answer is no. It’s not fun to be an atheist. But it’s also not the cause of an absence of fun. The fun or lack of fun in an atheist’s life all come from other sources, not our atheism.

In essence, the question itself is nonsensical. It’s like asking someone if it’s fun to have blue as your favourite colour. These things are just not sources of fun or the absence of it.

I’d like to know how you would answer the question, “is being an atheist fun?”. Let me know in the comments.

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  • Jim Kendall

    Of course being an atheist is fun. Since the atheist claims there is no god, then they live only for life experience(s); which usually means one fun time to the next fun time.

    There is not an afterlife for the atheist to look forward to. The atheist must get all the fun they can experience in life because death is the end to all the fun. All their fun experiences will be buried with them. Gone and forgotten by humans and god. Until then: “Party on and be excellent.” What else is an atheist supposed to do?

  • Berlzebub

    For me, I’ve been able to enjoy experiences and meeting new people more, but unlearning what I used to believe has countered that. It took me quite a while to ignore the knee-jerk reaction to someone’s lifestyle that I would have once looked down upon, to find out that I genuinely liked that person. It does mean I’m capable of expanding my circle of friends, but that I spent so long limiting that possibility is a bit annoying.

  • “I can say that yes, my experience as an atheist has been fun.

    But here’s the thing. It’s not because I am an atheist.”

    The atheism part, in and of itself, doesn’t give you any joy? Why? Belief in supernatural things is pointless and harmful. So not believing in those things is surely more fun.

  • Jim Jones

    > Do you think they would beat themselves up wondering if they pissed off their god? Do you think a night like that would be as fun for this sort of believer as it was for me?

    That would depend on how much virtue signaling they were into.

    BTW, being an atheist is fun when people try to convert me. Torturing animals? Not nice. Torturing godbots? Endlessly amusing!

  • Brian Gregory Lopez

    It has undoubtedly been more fun than not. have lost a few friends over the years, but I’ve been fortunate enough to form relationships with folks who aren’t buttbaskets, regardless of their respective beliefs.

  • Sandra Craft

    I couldn’t answer that question at all because I’ve never seen fun as being the point of my life — it’s one of the occasional benefits of being alive, but that’s it. Atheism is just my opinion that theists haven’t backed up their claim that a god exists with either anything remotely like evidence, or at least a really good reason to act as if their claim were true without evidence.

  • Clancy

    Since I’m a cradle atheist, it’s just life. Like anyone else, sometimes it’s been fun, sometimes not, but I haven’t let anything bother me much since 1976, when my mother died. I decided that was the worst experience is ever had, and I wasn’t going to be facing anything worse. There was a moment 20-ish years later, when my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, but that turned out to be not too bad.

  • persephone

    It’s not so much fun, as it is relaxing. No more having to meet the demands and expectations of a religion and its adherents is such a relief. No worrying that I may be failing or faithless or on my way to a horrifying eternal punishment.

  • Michael Neville

    Being an atheist is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. :^þ

    Seriously, I’m like you. Being an atheist is as much fun as being right handed or having a mustache. It’s part of who I am.

  • I’m a polytheist, and my gods heartily approve of having fun.

  • Martin Penwald

    I wonder if under this question is the assumption that atheists don’t have any morals because they don’t fear gawd, and so shamelessly enjoy life.
    Loosely from, I think, H. L. Menckel:
    “Fundamentalism is this haunting fear that somewhere, someone is having fun.”

  • Sandra Craft

    I think they might as well ask if being an a-unicornist is fun.

  • Nomad

    I could come up with a similar list of amazing experiences that atheist me (with no strongly religious background, if we’re supposed to be providing such context) has had. Some do involve club-like dancing environments, but of a somewhat different kind, and while I’m sure a lot of us on the floor were atheists, I doubt we all were. The most amazing dancer on the floor might have been religious.

    I want to say that it’s almost the wrong question. You suggest that atheists won’t enjoy certain religious things that believers feel is fun. That’s true, but… there are so many things out there, we all only really partake of some of it. I don’t really find organized sports fun. A lot of people do. I’m an “a-football-ist”, to stretch the analogy to the breaking point. So is my life fun? It’s kind of a foolish question when you phrase it that way.

    The “club-like” dancing environments I was referring to? Yeah, they were all furry convention experiences. They were amazing experiences for me. There’s one convention I’ve attended every year for over a decade now. And I can generally find one moment from the dances that are probably my favorite experience of the year. For 2008 I can pinpoint the exact moment to a specific transition the DJ made between songs that was just magical for me. When I’m there, when I’m participating in all that, I’m thinking “wow, normal people have no idea what they’re missing”. Of course I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t enjoy it. I know we all have our own tastes. But for me? It’s the best thing in the world. When I’m there, in the middle of it all, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

    And that’s what religion is. It’s not my thing. If it’s your thing, and if you can enjoy it without harming other people, then knock yourself out, have fun, enjoy life your way.

    Incidentally, this may come as a surprise, but many years we’ve had programming dedicated to religious furries. It’s totally a thing. I’d be curious to attend some time, but there’s always something else I’d rather attend, or else I’m just sleeping to recover from a late night at the dances.

  • Jennny
  • Cozmo the Magician

    Considering how much FUN I have had in bed with someone else over the years I can say that being an atheist certainly helped. I have read horror stories of what religion has done to people’s &#8203sex lives. No fun AT ALL. So yeah, in that respect, being an atheist is MUCH more fun than many of the other options.

  • Nor the mess associated with the last

  • rationalobservations?

    Considering the miserable anti-humanitarian ethos and taboos of enslavement to a religion and the vile indoctrination of the alleged “sinful” nature of actually very honest, loving and law abiding citizens – being liberated from such poisonous nonsense allows for a much more fun filled and humanitarian life.

    If religion poisons everything. Education and free, peaceful, godless secular democracy is already proving to be the antidote to that poison.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    I’m a teacher, and when students ask me, “Can I do this?” in answering a question or solving a problem, my response is to throw it back at them with the question, “Why can’t you do that?” Often times they stumble around, but they realize, in fact, there’s no reason they can’t do that, so that means they can.

    I would say the same thing here. Is being an atheist fun? Well, why wouldn’t it be?

    The problem is, to answer this question, you have to make some assumptions about what atheists believe and think. And, guaranteed, coming from the person who asked the question, they are going to be wrong.

    No, we don’t sit around all day moping about how pointless life is without god.

  • Matt G

    It’s kinda fun to know you aren’t under a delusion, but whether it’s fun or not has nada to do with whether it’s true or not.

  • Michael Neville

    No, we don’t sit around all day moping about how pointless life is without god.

    One of the favorite Christian images of atheists is a group of angst-ridden, existentially nihilistic, despairing depressives.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    Exactly, and this is where this question originates. It’s a completely misguided vision of what it means to be an atheist. This is why I think it’s good to throw the question back at them.

  • Duncan R. Bryson

    There are times (in the face of unbelievably gross stupidity for example) when one’s reaction is explosive. Our reaction was asked for; this could be mine depending on my mood when caught with the likes of this and indicates a gut reaction. The point was to shove in the supposed person’s face to emphasise how crass the question was. We can’t be “nice” all the time. It was also meant to be be, partly, tongue in cheek.

  • Astreja

    I’m right here, Geri. Send your imaginary fiend around any time. 😀

  • Jennny

    Well, then, respectfully sir, maybe writing /s after your sweary comment would have been better and avoided the misunderstanding that you were being rude and offensive to GM.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    I am sure just being yourself, whoever that is, would be more fun than living under some pretense. I don’t know if it is a true metric of how fun being an atheist is, but this Christian has noted that a lot of internet Atheists seem to be in a perpetual state of anger. That doesn’t seem very fun to me. On the flip side my boss is a Free Thinker and he seems to enjoy life immensely.

  • Thanks4AllTheFish

    “Anybody who doesn’t love and worship God and Jesus must be exterminated.”

    Seems reasonable. Help yourself to a cookie.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    If YOUR KIND didn’t abuse your authoritarian power to attempt to punish anybody who won’t knuckle under to you, then people wouldn’t be angry with you.

    NOT being angry about being abused or seeing abuse is a sign of a person suffering from PTSD or worse.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    Poe, I’m guessing.

  • Jim Jones

    > this Christian has noted that a lot of internet Atheists seem to be in a perpetual state of anger.

    More of the wishful thinking that infests your view of reality.

    We’re only angry at the great evil done under cover of religion and the way these crimes are excused by it.

  • Jim Jones

    > Atheists like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot

    Each and every one of whom believed in god. They believed they were god.

    Now you explain all of the religious dictators who committed horrific crimes despite the so-called moral improvement offered by religion.

    Those such as Hitler, Franco, Salazar and the long list of evil wretches in central and South America.

  • Jim Jones

    > religious furries.

    O…. K….

    There are religious furries?

    BTW, Google (vancoufur syrian refugees)

  • Jim Jones

    Yep. I’ve had Poes that really confused me, but not this one.

  • Jim Jones

    Meat Loaf believes in the god of tits2 and wine.

  • Jim Jones

    While the theists are sitting in church, we’re out there enjoying forest bathing.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    “Each and every one of whom believed in god. They believed they were god”

    Ypu are projecting again

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    “We’re only angry at the great evil done under cover of religion and the way these crimes are excused by it.”

    24 hours a day?

  • Jim Jones

    Whereas you’re angry 24/7 because we won’t pretend that your sky fairies are all real like.

    Which means our anger is justified. Yours, not at all.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Lol. Projection. I am quite content and have no need to post disparaging comments about others to feel better about myself

  • Vel Frost

    It’s a lot more fun than being a Christian and being bored to tears in some church service.

  • Lauren Greene


  • Lauren Greene

    If you were “content” you wouldn’t troll sites that don’t adhere to your god delusions.

  • Lauren Greene

    Watch him accuse everyone of projecting while projecting himself.

  • Lauren Greene

    You are projecting by accusing strangers on the internet of being angry 24 hours a day.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    I said “this Christian has noted that a lot of internet Atheists seem to be in a perpetual state of anger. ”

    I stand by this observation. Some posters show anger in their every post. Specifically the one who essentially admitted to it by saying ” Whereas you’re angry 24/7 because we won’t pretend that your sky fairies are all real like.

    Which means our anger is justified”

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Strange. I used to post occasionally on the Disqus board devoted to Atheiam and I was told my posts were welcome

    They didn’t think i was a troll. Why do you?

  • Lauren Greene

    It has been my experience that the vast majority of xtians accuse non-believers of being angry or unhappy, especially when presented with facts.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    I love facts myself.

  • Lauren Greene

    “I love facts myself.”

    Your behavior the other day proves that is a lie.

  • being an atheist means never having to tell yourself to stop doing that, god won’t approve.
    Your only compass is what you sail by, not by any imaginary sprite, you get to take the blame and the credit for the things you do. No foisting it off like a three year old pointing at his big sister and blaming her…

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Now see, calling me a liar appears to show a certain anger doesn’t it?

  • They WANT it to be about us, and they know it isn’t. They want us to be miserable, and it must make them crazy to realize we aren’t, and we don’t care.

  • Lauren Greene

    “Now see, calling me a liar appears to show a certain anger doesn’t it?”


    “By the way, what facts do you think i am uncomfortable with?

    Every fact that debunks your Middle-Eastern death cult nonsense, as evidenced in a convo recently.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Specifically, what fact do you think i dont accept?

  • Lauren Greene

    That was a rather long convo the other day. Feel free to revisit it and answer your own question.

  • Wile F. Coyote

    Late last night I was reading a Patheos Nonreligious blog email I deleted before I went to bed. You were involved in a conversation thread that went on for a couple of days, much like this one has. You were engaged in argument against three or four other commenters over that time. On that thread, the topic of which I unfortunately am unable to recall, I seem to remember you claimed to be an atheist.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Nope, I am Christian.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Like I said I love facts. Get back to me when you have some.

  • Lauren Greene


  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Lauren, you called me a liar and said I didn’t like facts. So I asked you to explain exactly what you were talking about. You apparently can’t do it but I suspect you still believe I am the one being dishonest.

    How honest is it to accuse someone of being a liar when you cannot explain how they can be characterized as such?

  • Lauren Greene

    The discussion the other day is proof you cannot handle facts. I find myself laughing again as I did then…you get hysterically discombobulated.

  • Jason Carpp

    My thinking exactly!

  • Jason Carpp

    Since I’ve never believed in God, I’ve never beat myself up over it.

  • Jason Carpp

    I agree. Given the violence towards non-believers by Christians and other religions, I’m glad I never believed.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    I believe the discussion you refer to is the one where I offered two first century historians as evidence of a historical Jesus. The other poster then pointed out that the oldest copies of the first century manuscripts that mention Jesus (As a man, not as God) were from the fourth century. I then pointed out the fact that by the forth century the historical Jesus was widely accepted and there was no logical reason for a fourth century person to alter the first century book just to prove a historical Jesus. Everyone already accepted that. At that point the other poster went back to his original claim and it started all over again.

    Now, if you want to contest any facts I presented please do. If you have any additional facts feel free to post them now. But if you wish to maintain I have an aversion to facts then it is only fair to ask you what the heck you are talking about.

  • Lauren Greene

    See? I knew you could do it. Thanks for proving my point that you cannot handle facts when it comes to your Middle-Eastern death cult nonsense.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Lauren, You are offering no facts to validate your assertion that I cannot handle facts… after I repeatedly ask you for, wait for it, facts.

    Is the irony sinking in yet?

  • Lauren Greene

    The facts speak for themselves. You are hilarious.

  • C_Alan_Nault

    “Is Being An Atheist Fun?”

    Compared to what? Or to put it differently:

    Is not believing Zeus exists fun?
    Is not believing leprechauns exist fun?
    Is not believing Odin exists fun?
    Is not believing pixies exist fun?

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Yes they do. Have a nice day

  • C_Alan_Nault

    I have morals. I don’t subscribe to many of the Bible’s morals. This means that I think it is wrong to own people as property… Bible says this is OK.

  • Lauren Greene


  • BitinDawg

    I have found great peace in realizing that I am not going to thrown into a pit of fire and tortured for all eternity. Never being allowed even the escape of death. However. when you see the world as it really is, it is terribly disturbing. Things are awful; as an example; in Gaza, Gods chosen people are shooting across the fence and killing Palestinians every day. Seeing the world as it really is; I know that the Jews do not have a dispensation from an all knowing all mighty God to commit those murders. Worse, I know that as an american citizen taxpayer I am an enabler of this barbaric horror show. Worse; my conscience is alive and quick to the pain and horror that my tax dollars support.

    Just as bad as all that; maybe I am a mental case because all of this bothers the X-tians not a whit. I wish that I had an invisible all knowing all mighty kind generous and loving friend that I could talk to and unload all of my troubles on. I think that it would help my blood pressure problem.

  • Considering that a good deal of what I consider fun is held to be intemperate at best and immoral (or abominable) at worst by most religions, I’d have to say that not having religion isn’t necessarily fun in itself, but that it frees me to do the things I consider fun with no burden of guilt. When I think about how terrified I felt at things I was told in my Catholic grade school religion classes, I am glad to have left that all behind.

  • Silverwolf13

    One of my happiest days was when I realized that I didn’t have to believe what I didn’t believe.

  • Ruben Villasenor

    Yes for me it is, mostly because I can be myself and do not have to worry about offending some voyeur god watching me while shaking his figure in disapproval.
    I was raised Catholic so sort of repressed in many aspects. Even after I became an atheist somethings I would worry about stuff, then one day I realized that I never worried about offending Ganesha, Allah or Ahura Mazda (Zoroastrian deity). After that it was like stepping out into a new world for the first time. Now everyday above ground is a good day because we only get a certain amount so no sense wasting them, enjoy them all.

  • rationalobservations?

    As these columns demonstrate: When challenged to offer actual tangible credible evidence it is clear from their failure to do so that there is absolutely nothing to believe in.

    It is vile that so many decent honest non believers in their nonsense have been terrorised tortured and murdered for nothing.

  • Jason Carpp

    I agree.

  • Jason Carpp

    That’s the thing that’s always annoyed me about Christians, they think that because we don’t believe in God, or in Jesus Christ, that they feel they have to get us to believe along with them. It’s just never made sense to me.

  • Lauren Greene

    As I recall, he began to come unglued when presented with facts about Josephus that destroyed the picture he wanted to paint.

  • Wile F. Coyote

    Yes, now that you mention it I remember that part of the conversation. Ol’ Luther twisted himself into the standard apologist knot over historicity, deliberately failing to distinguish between ancient accounts of demonstrable existence of historical figures, and other literature from the same era which is only legend, at best.

    And typically he compounded his errors by insisting “corroborating” subsequent textual examples — many of them dating from as much as ~ millennia later — have validity because, well, many contemporary Christian apologists say so, damnit!

    This still doesn’t jog my memory about whether it is he who tried to bs everybody claiming to be an atheist, or if that was a different theist jackass on another blog thread I read that night.

  • Steven Watson

    I don’t like your tone. 🙂

  • Steven Watson

    Aslan, The Lamb of God. Jesus was a Furry; the Bible tells me so. Why not? They hold to far dafter, dangerous even, ideas in the Wholly Wibble.

  • Steven Watson

    No one likes to admit they might be a loony?

  • Steven Watson

    Yes. Especially when I get to yank your chain. The Feast of the Annunciation when #MeToo kicked off was especially amusing.

  • Steven Watson

    Imagine; it is ALL they have got, pretty much – and it is wrong ALL the way down! Such FUN! (insert malicious cackle).

  • Jim Jones

    Wasn’t the son of some bible character very hairy?

  • Steven Watson


  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    What are you talking about?

  • Jason Carpp

    I believe that atheism can be fun, or it can be awful. It all depends on how important life is to you and what you make of it.

  • rationalobservations?
  • RL gives a lot of reasons to be angry.

    That said, that’s what you get when believers of the Fundy variety go to skeptic blogs with prepotence and contempt and with not even the most basic respect. Repeating the same arguments again and again, backed up by the Bible, and with threats of what will happen to unbelievers for not having accepted, etc. Just to spend a lot of time preparin a response and see how they never come back to reply.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    I used to frequent a Cathilic board where atheists of the Fundie variety would come with contempt and not even the moat basic respect. They were armed with the same tired tslking points they gathered from various skeptic sites and books often using cherry picked bible verses taken out od context. (hence the Fundie association)

    I will admit they were never without a response however. They would simply ignore the rebuttal presented and move on to the next prepackaged talking point only to regurgitate the debunked talking point at a later time when they felt nobody would remember it being debunked

    I didnt see a lot of Christians that seemed malcontents but i admit they do certainly exist

  • Fundies are pretty much everywhere, but besides afterdeath threats did they insult, with the equivalents of equaling an unbeliever with a Tankie, a supporter of Poll-Pot, eugenics, and Satan’s spawn?. I’ve seen stuff as that and even worse.

  • Steven Watson

    Josephos in the first instance. He’s the only contemporary historian who allegedly mentions Jesus. One of his two mentions is a mistaken reading. The second, the Testimonium Flavianum, only turns up from Eusebius onwards and is stylistically worded as he and no one else would word it. Earlier Xtian authors cite Josephos but fail to mention the Testimonium. We can conclude it very probably got in the text via Eusebius and didn’t exist before that.

    None of that disproves Jesus; Xtianity was very obcure even a century or two after its alledged time of origin and hardly likely to come to the notice of the elite before it did.

    The Gospel of Mark is the first gospel; all the others depend on it. The ‘Little Apocalypse’ of G. Mk. 13 derives from the Book of Daniel. It can be mapped onto the First Jewish War BUT it maps even more closely onto the events leading up to, and the first years of, the Bar Kochba War. G.Mk was therefore probably written about 130AD.

    In 2 Corinthians and Galatians Paul tells us how he became a believer. He mentions a King Aretas controlling Damascus. This is impossible for a Nabatean king to be doing after 63BCE when Pompey Magnus annexed Syria to the Republic.

    Read in the original Greek and the Gospel of John puts into Jesus’ mouth the claim now attributed to Marcion that the god of the Jews wasn’t Jesus’ God.

    Read honestly, the New Testament destroys what Xtianity has claimed for itself from the third-fourth century onwards when it is juxtaposed with the historical record even in the realm of ordinary historical claims; never mind the arrant supernatural nonense that would poison the well even if that were not so.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    When you say one of tge Josephus quotes is a misreading i assume you mean the James, brother of Jesus reference

    How is it misread?

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Good point. I too have mentioned atheistic communist atrocities, but only to show the folly of guilt by association when things like the Inquisition are used to denigrate modern Christians

  • I’m also aware of the black legend of the Spanish Inquisition. They were not the good guys, either -they did not take witches as real-, but Protestants of the era had to say a lot in that regard.

  • Steven Watson

    The Jesus in question was Jesus son of Damneus, as is obvious from the context if you are literate as we understand literacy today. Xtianity arose at a level of society where that level of literacy wasn’t at all likely, hence an accidental interpolation.

  • Luther Dorn (deplorable)

    Jesus was a common name. In the Antiquities of the Jews Josephus writes Jesus son of Damneus replaced the high priest who executed Jesus brother of James.

    Different people.

  • Jason Carpp

    I agree.

  • Jason Carpp

    Josef McCarthy, Roy Cohn, they believed they were “God”.

  • rationalobservations?

    Where is this authentic and original text autographed by Josephus conserved and available for study?
    I have searched far and wide and studied the inventories of the world’s greatest libraries and museums but the only texts that are merely ATTRIBUTED to Josephus were actually written by fraudulent christer scribes and date from the 11th century.

    There is no original and authentic, 1st century originated historical evidence of the existence of Jesus.