Hi, I’m Godless Mom. Most know me as Courtney.

So, who am I? I am a well-traveled, well-read extreme left atheist mother, wife and writer. I have a little dude about 9, a stepdaughter about 15, a rescue pup about 1, a rescue kitty of the same age and a husband who likes to play the drums.

I was not born and raised anything in particular. In fact, I am at least third generation atheist. My Dad swears his grandfather was godless, so maybe fourth gen. I have Catholics in my family, plenty of Christians, been to churchy funerals and godly baptisms and holylike weddings and such. I’ve had Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu friends and boyfriends. But I’ve always found wonder in science, the universe and the natural world. I require evidence to believe wild claims and contrary to popular belief, this creates more mystery and wonder than a couple of old books will ever be able to.

If you want to yell at me, send me death threats, try to convert me or just cheer me on, you can email me at mommy@godlessmom.com