June 5, 2018

Can you imagine being locked up on death row for a crime you didn’t commit? What would that feel like? Would you be angry? Frustrated? Would you eventually accept your new reality? As each one of your neighbours is marched to the death chamber past your cell, would you become more scared or less? What would you do for twenty-two hours a day in a 12×8 cell with no windows? Who would you reach out to for help? Would your… Read more

June 4, 2018

The other day, I noticed this tweet: Atheists are joyless. pic.twitter.com/uGLascR0oq— Mary Parkis (@parkism) March 21, 2018 Aside from the fact that Mary seems to have missed the point of the poem, Mary has offered up the same sentiment I hear from so many theists: atheists are joyless. This is something I’ve heard more than once, and I’ve never quite understood it. As someone who has had a life filled with joy but who has lacked religious belief since day… Read more

May 31, 2018

I’m sitting cross-legged on a small chair in the airport smoking room, wisps of tobacco smoke swirling up around my blonde hair. It’s about 2 am. I cough and sip my Diet Coke. A man opens the glass door, steps in. The door slams on his rolling suitcase. I hear him grumble as he frees it. Dragging it now, like it weighs two tons, he turns his head, meets my eyes and mutters “Evening”. I nod. He sits across the room,… Read more

May 29, 2018

There are days when I get stuck on what to write about. But, GM, I thought you were an endless source of hot air? It’s true, I tend to go on and on about nothing. But there are days when I get stuck. On these sorts of days, I have a few hacks to get my blogger cogs spinning again, and one of those tactics is to surf the digital brain rot that is a Quora search for “atheism”. I… Read more

May 28, 2018

Godless Mom was once fired from McDonald’s. There you have it, my dirty little secret. You see, I was 15, and it was my first job and I didn’t take it as seriously as perhaps I should have. Some say it’s hard to get fired from McDonald’s but it’s really not. Simply stop showing up. That oughtta do it. It kind of got… awkward, though. Let me explain. So, I got a job because the allowance my parents gave me simply wasn’t… Read more

May 25, 2018

What witnessing my friend get kicked in the face says about secular morality vs. religious morality. Read more

May 23, 2018

The greatest job I ever had was the Marketing Director of a foundation that ran and funded two separate charities. One of the charities was a chain of addiction recovery homes, the other funded, equipped and built orphanages across Africa and Haiti. I worked out of the head office, which was above the for-charity grocery store where men and women in recovery worked and learned life skills. My days were fulfilling – I was doing something to help people; my… Read more

May 22, 2018

It never changes. Every time I log in to Twitter, it feels like it’s just a barrage of stupid. “It takes more faith to be an atheist!” “Why are atheists angry at god?” “Don’t insult my beliefs!” It’s just constant stream of brain waste that hasn’t been thought through; a steady flow of putrid rot that twists your wetware into knots. Today was no different, not that I wasn’t expecting as much, but it did bring a brand new sentiment… Read more

May 16, 2018

Sometimes I get messages I struggle with and this is one such note. In fact, I’ve had several messages with very similar questions that I’ve found difficult to answer without advising the reader to end their relationship. I’ve tried to pump out a nuanced answer to this one for the better part of a week. It would appear GM has advice constipation because I can’t seem to get anything other than “Dump the loser” out. How do you deal with someone you… Read more

May 14, 2018

Hawaii. It’s tropical. It’s exotic. It’s romantic. The thing about Hawaii, though, is that it’s all a lie. It has the ability to make you feel as though you’ve left your white, suburban comfort zone but you really haven’t. Hawaii is every bit America as Houston is. It’s plastic; put-on; fake. Hawaii is the Happy Meal of travel destinations; a peregrine play being performed on a perfectly preened stage designed to make you feel as though you had the balls… Read more

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