December 7, 2018

Just a few days ago, the state of Texas executed death row inmate Joseph Garcia. Each time this happens, I can’t help but think how much closer Pablo must be to another execution date. I can’t help but wonder how much time he has left to prove his innocence. That is not to say, of course, that I am certain of Pablo’s innocence. However, at the very least there is reasonable doubt when it comes to his guilt and in… Read more

December 5, 2018

Today, I offer you a treat. It’s a small glimpse into the beautiful mind of my stepdaughter, Abbey. I’ve known for a while now that she can write. From the time she was a small child, I would read the things she wrote and it would always amaze me. She always seemed so far beyond her years. Once, together, we wrote a children’s story called the Dream Fairy, which she illustrated as well. I felt honoured to work with such… Read more

December 4, 2018

Do you think John Chau, the Christian missionary who illegally tried to reach an uncontacted tribe in Asia, is to blame for what happened to him? Is he a victim or was he the aggressor? These are the things I talk about with Donovan, my podcast partner, in our latest episode of Common Heathens. We also continued on with our conversation during the Patron-only hangout afterwards. It’s always so fun for us to see you and talk to you face-to-face. If… Read more

November 29, 2018

When I reached out to an atheist on death row, if you’ll recall, all I really aimed to find out was what life was like behind bars for a heathen. But when Pablo Melendez, Jr. wrote back to me from Texas’ death row, what I got was a glimpse into an absolute travesty of justice. Pablo wrote to me, kind enough to answer my simple questions about life on death row as an atheist. He barely mentioned his case, but… Read more

November 28, 2018

One day, I was thumbing a popular book when I was shocked to stumble across a specific passage. In it, it had been written clearly that women ought to be subservient to men and that men should not be afraid to give us a smack if we refuse to fall in line. Naturally, I was horrified. I don’t expect my readers to agree with me on everything, but I would hope, at the very least, that this misogynistic assertion horrifies… Read more

November 27, 2018

I dunno about you, but I had a fantastic weekend. I got so much done, swam some laps, cleaned house and even painted a portrait of Anthony Bourdain. The highlight was probably when I taught my kiddo how to play The Settlers of Catan and he proceeded to school the adult Catan vets. By Sunday night, I was exhausted and dropped into my cozy bed for a deep, satisfying snooze. Yesterday morning, I finally sat down at my computer again… Read more

November 22, 2018

Well, it’s finally Thanksgiving in the US which means it’s almost December and for the Hellbound that means just one thing: time to get warring on Christmas. If you’re new to atheist activism, I’m here to explain the next steps and how you can do your part to make sure you’re waging war on Christmas with the rest of us. This is everything you need to know to ensure you’re contributing to the corrosion of all things Christians hold dear… Read more

November 20, 2018

Christian Answers has this list of questions up and while I appreciate the fact that they have attempted to use inviting language and a reasonable tone, what most Christians asking similar questions don’t understand, is that sometimes it’s the very question itself that’s insulting, not the tone or extra ad-homs. Some of these questions are just completely unreasonable and makes it near impossible to answer them. Let’s give it a shot though.   1. “If all of life is meaningless… Read more

November 19, 2018

The worst thing I ever had to worry about at Thanksgiving was Grandpa sitting me on his lap, opening his mouth with a wide grin and revealing he’d taken out his dentures. I never had to worry about being shamed for not attending church, or not praying before the meal or for using the “Lord’s” name in vain. I was free to be me with both sides of my family and I am forever grateful for that. There are, of… Read more

November 15, 2018

Parenting be hard, yo. Well, thank you Mommy Obvious. It’s true, though. I thought I knew it was hard before I had a kid, and then I had one. No one prepares you, no one can prepare you for how ludicrously hard it is. By the time your kid is five, you look at Chris Hadfield manipulate the Canadarm to repair a part of the International Space Station, and think, that ain’t nothin’. If you can get my kid to put on… Read more

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