About GOC

A minister, an atheist, and a witch walk into a bar. The rest is Gods on Coasters.

JasonJASON MANKEY is a Gardnerian Witch who runs the Pagan Channel at Patheos and blogs at Raise the Horns. Big fan of football, hard cider, and rock and roll. He lives in California.


MARK SANDLIN is a Presbyterian minister, cohost of the Moonshine Jesus Show, and co-founder of The Christian Left. His Patheos blog The God Article was recently named one of the “Top Ten Christian Blogs.” He lives in North Carolina.


JT EBERHARD is an atheist writer, a public speaker, and a trained opera singer. He was the first high school organizer for the Secular Student Alliance and co-founded the Skepticon conference. He blogs at What Would JT Do? and lives in Kansas.