Of all the best dog videos in all the world, this one is right up there

Of all the best dog videos in all the world, this one is right up there January 15, 2019

This video below from the Facebook page of My Pitbull Love has absolutely nothing to do with religion or politics — the usual terrain of this blog — but everything to do with the awesomeness of the DNA and joy we share with our pets.

This video compilation of copycat dogs is, hands down, the most charming pet video I’ve ever seen. If you can watch it without at least smiling and chuckling or, more likely, laughing out loud, I suspect you’re some species other than human.

Thanks to Charles Tuttle for sharing the clip. In a country that is reeling from division and mendacity, it’s important to focus when we can on the nurturing wonders we share not only with each other but all other living beings on earth, especially “man’s best friend.”


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