Atheist humor: Having whimsical fun with the faithful

Atheist humor: Having whimsical fun with the faithful April 27, 2019

atheist humor christianity jesusIf you really want to gently annoy a true believer, act like you truly don’t get their faith — as this cartoon depicts — and ask, “So, what’s the T stand for?”

Of course, if you were, in fact, unaware of Christian doctrine and its sacred icons (unlikely in Christian-majority America, granted), you would have no clue that a cross is that cross. Could be a “T,” right?

That’s the thing with symbols, Christian or otherwise: They require shared knowledge or acceptance of basis for meaning.

In religion, faith requires a shared acceptance that what the symbols symbolize is based on fact, not — as they actually are — on wholly unverifiable wishful thinking.

That’s what’s really infuriating.

Cartoon/Godless Mom


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