What do dogs think about Thanksgiving? This sounds about right.

What do dogs think about Thanksgiving? This sounds about right. April 12, 2019

Even atheists need an occasional sabbatical from battling metaphysics, and laughter is always the best escape.

Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t stop chuckling after accidently bumping into this charming image on Facebook this week. So, I figured you guys might get a laugh out of it, too.

Considering that canines are not known for their deep introspection and prophetic thoughtfulness, and mostly are always just looking for food or sex, this fictional scenario, to me, seems perfectly rational about what dogs might actually be thinking about on Turkey Day eve.

However, as an evidence-based, secular person, I must admit I have no evidence whatsoever for this fantasy. But I’m indulging it with clear-eyed glee, knowing full well it’s rubbish.




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