Ill-advised prayer strategy #1: Steal what you want, pray later

Ill-advised prayer strategy #1: Steal what you want, pray later April 22, 2019

For those who once prayed to God for this and that but soon realized it was pointless, this prayer strategy humorized below perhaps rings more true.

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Instead of impotently praying for someting, its always more fruitful (and realistic) to just buy what you want — or if you can’t afford it and lack a moral compass, steal it and pray you won’t get caught. In other words, ask not for permission but forgiveness. But that, of course, would be a sin. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Better yet, work hard for what you desire, make necessary sacrifices to aid your quest, and then hope for the best in the real world.

Praying that invisible beings might give you what you want most likely will just leave you without it in the end plus with an intense sense of undivine betrayal.

Cartoon/Compliments to The Atheist

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