Could our ancestors have jump-roped with a T. rex?

Could our ancestors have jump-roped with a T. rex? November 17, 2019

This animated GIF seems as silly to atheists as the so-called young-Earth-creationist credo that our planet is only about 6,000 years old (it’s actually about 4.5 billion).

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Playing with Dino. (Atheist Global)

Included in that wholly unsubstantiated Christian religious concept is the idea that all worldly creatures were created by God simultaneously, in the exact forms they exhibit today, and that, therefore, Homo sapiens (meaning humankind) and dinosaurs lived at the same time. There’s even a Christian theme park at 1 Ark Encounter Drive in Williamstown, Kentucky, with an enormous “reproduction” of the biblical Noah’s Ark, and, you guessed it, mock-ups of dinosaurs are among the boat’s inhabitants.

That’s the idea that this GIF is (rationally) poking fun at. Scientists say such thinking is absurd in the extreme.

Over centuries, science has proven — and re-proven — beyond dispute that dinosaurs first walked the Earth roughly between 243 and 233 million years ago, and then went extinct about 65 million years ago, according to the fossil record.

Still, among Bible-revering fundamentalist Christians who accept biblical pronouncements literally, science must be mistaken, although science’s material evidence can’t be. What the Bible proposes, on the other hand, can not only not be verified but never verified because it exists beyond material reality and, thus, mankind’s ability to ratify it.

So, imagine if you like that your ancestors jump-roped with T. rex (Tyrannosaurus rex (“rex” means “king” in Latin) or otherwise frolicked with other dinosaur youngsters. But there’s no evidence whatsoever that any such thing ever happened, or even could have happened.

That’s a jump too far. But a very amusing idea nonetheless.

GIF/Thanks to Atheist Global

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