Ancient Egyptians believed cats were divine. Cats agreed. Still do.

Ancient Egyptians believed cats were divine. Cats agreed. Still do. January 27, 2020

Although as an atheist I argue no actual gods probably exist in the universe, I’m pretty sure that cats wouldn’t agree.

humor cartoons cats gods atheismAnyone who has ever owned a cat knows that in their little self-absorbed brains, they are certain nothing in existence is superior to them. They live as if undeniably divine.

They don’t come obediently when you call (unless you have something they want, like food or catnip).

They don’t jump in your lap because they love you and must be near you but because they know it’s warm.

They don’t refrain from clawing your furniture because they are fearful of shredding it and angering you (in fact, that’s the goal).

They don’t give you the time of day because they only heed cat time, which is extremely random and unclocked.

They never clean their litter boxes.

So, when I saw the cartoon embedded in this post, I said to myself, “Amen.”

However, notwithstanding their nearly absolute disinterest in human needs, housecats inadvertently tend to meet many of them, especially of the emotional kind.

I once had a cat named Razi (after an ancient Muslim atheist philosopher) who liked to sit on my lap while I read in the evening. I knew full well he loved how warm a perch it was and couldn’t care less about whether I found the habit ingratiating. But, still, his purring presence and warmth against me, and the ritual familiarity of it, was deeply comforting.

In a sense, I guess you could say it was kind of divine.

Cartoon/Thanks to Atheist Global

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