I am a retired newspaper journalist and magazine editor living in rural South Dakota, and a fervent ally of the rational over the magical. Although white as bleached flour, I have lived 27 years of my life in Saudi Arabia, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion. More relevant here is that, although being raised Catholic, before graduating high school I had already dismissed all things supernatural as bogus and unsubstantiated. Now, I’m committed to introducing the uninformed (and misinformed) to the very reasonable idea that all divine religion — in the U.S., that predominantly means Christianity — is pure, unverifiable invention. I do this primarily with my blog and other writing in various newspapers and magazines, but also face-to-face, gently but pointedly, when the opportunity arises. I’m not a zealot (although my wife might disagree), but I do believe that phantasmic religious belief must continuously be challenged (in a respectful but direct way) or it will surely perpetuate forever as it always has. Perpetuating also its inherent sins. In addition to religious topics, I also post blogs about global current events and cultural trends.

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