January 18, 2020

Trump functionaries at the National Archives are defacing historical photos to hide truths critical of the president. This is dangerous. Read more

January 17, 2020

A new news story on a 2017 study on brain health and religion is well worth revisiting. The study indicates that damaged neurology leads to extreme religious ideology. Read more

January 16, 2020

Atheists could be converted to faith a whole lot easier than believers to unbelief. The reason: Only one side honors the primacy of facts. Read more

January 15, 2020

A new national survey on U.S. church-state separation shows that a lot of states couldn’t care less about that, including my own state, South Dakota. Read more

January 13, 2020

Children’s fervent belief in Santa Claus is no sillier than their parents’ belief in invisible divinities. The problem is parents should know better and not misinform their kids. Read more

January 11, 2020

There’s a good chance that if you text and drive you might perish in a car accident. But there’s zero chance (as far as we know) that you’ll meet Jesus afterward. Read more

January 9, 2020

Like secular Americans, leaders of officially atheist Communist China want to keep religion from disrupting society. But can the U.S. find a gentler path to that noble goal? Read more

January 7, 2020

An Alabama high school held a public baptism of 24 football players at the school in November. Officials are offended anyone would object. Read more

January 5, 2020

As we bloggers peck away on our word processors laying out all manner of arguments, we musn’t forget readers have much to say, too, and often say it better. Read more

January 3, 2020

In the Harvard Divinity Bulletin article, renowned religion scholar Robert Orsi has penned a damning indictment of the Catholic Church that, though dense, is well worth reading. Here’s a summary. Read more

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