December 20, 2019

A leading evangelical publication has called on the faithful to desert President Trump for gross immorality. Appropriate as it is, they’ll probably ignore the call. Read more

December 20, 2019

Township board votes to not open its meetings with religious invocations. Trustees weren’t being secular. In fact, they were being intolerant. Read more

December 19, 2019

From all available facts (not what the president is claiming), Donald Trump used his office for personal benefit. Even Republicans aren’t denying that. They just dishonestly refuse to admit it’s impeachable. Read more

December 19, 2019

New York passed a law prohibiting religious exemptions for vaccinations. A court shot down objections from religious plaintiffs. Excellent news. Read more

December 18, 2019

Would any decent person ever wish cancer on anyone? Why, then, would God? After all, if the divine causes everything, then it causes deadly disease. Read more

December 17, 2019

Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives prohibits invocations by nontheists, only accepts prayers by believers in divinities. An appeals court curiously backs them up. Read more

December 16, 2019

Marriage and divorce rates are slipping, and people are building their lives around different paradigms. As religion fades away, so do its marital assumptions. Read more

December 15, 2019

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has just published a book of cartoons by a celebrated cartoonist. It promises to be seriously funny. Read more

December 14, 2019

As young American adults fade away from organized religion, the paradigm shift promises to fuel the growing political divide between Republicans and Democrats. Read more

December 13, 2019

One of the reasons unbelievers are wary of supernatural religion is the atrocities it too-often unleashes. This story set in 19th-century China recounts one of them. Read more

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