Grace and the Gospel according to Seinfeld

Grace and the Gospel according to Seinfeld August 17, 2020

So many of us Earthlings see the world in black and white. We think we have things figured out. We believe we really know the truth. We rarely question our beliefs. And we rarely question the absurdity of being right all the time.

But really, what are the odds that some people (not you or I, of course) always happen to have the right answer to everything?

But you’re not here to listen to a bunch of rhetorical questions. You’re here because, Seinfeld.

Grace Colored Glasses believes that it’s always a good time to watch a Seinfeld clip.

The following snippets demonstrate how 2 people can have the exact opposite understanding of a word (“grace”).

(Don’t judge this shallow observation too harshly. I had to entice you to my very first post somehow, didn’t I?)

Conversation continues below the video clips…

I lived most of my life under Law, but now I live under Grace, and every day I’m thankful to be here.

I learned about Grace over my 35-and-counting-year marriage to a wonderful, Muslim, Palestinian man.

I learned about Grace while living for 10 years in the Middle East, traveling to dozens of countries, raising 4 children and their dogs, cats, and guinea pigs – and then watching them become adults (the children, not the pets).

And I learned about Grace when I was betrayed by my conservative Christian community.

I look at the world now through grace-colored glasses, but I still remember how it looked through law-colored glasses, how it felt to be right all the time – and the journey from there to here.

Join me as I explore the gap between Law and Grace, and how to build a bridge across it.

Because if there’s anything our world needs right now, it’s a little more grace. Sign up for my newsletter! It will be an easy, breezy read, I promise.

Featured image: “Seinfeld’s Restaurant” by mertxe is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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