Evangelicals, you have some denouncing to do

Evangelicals, you have some denouncing to do January 18, 2021

Whether you supported the Capitol attack or not, Evangelicals, you are forever tied to the incident. Social media will not be kind to you or to the Jesus you recognize as Savior.

Footage has come out from last week’s invasion in which Jesus’ name is loudly invoked by a group of insurrectionists in the House chamber. Led by “QAnon Shaman,” the fur-and-horn-helmet-wearing gentleman whose image has become familiar to us all, the crowd joined in prayer to the “heavenly Father,” including the words, “thank you for filling this chamber with your white light of love…thank you for filling this chamber with patriots that love you and love Christ.” During the minute-long megaphone prayer, many in the crowd had hands raised or heads bowed. It ended, “in Christ’s holy name, Amen!”

So, Evangelicals, the ball is in your court as never before. Will you individually and unequivocally denounce this obscenity?

Many Christians worldwide believe that silence on the part of American Evangelicals is complicity, if not actual affiliation in the aggression against our democracy. This incident is not just dragging your name through the mud, but also that of all Christians, and more importantly, Jesus Christ.

So please, say it loud and say it soon. This is a critical moment for Evangelicalism.

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6 responses to “Evangelicals, you have some denouncing to do”

  1. You forgot to mention the disgusting foul language that was being used before and during entering the Chamber. We have not looked at Evangelicals in the same way since the orange person was elected in the U.S. We are Canadian and yes, it affects us too.
    I will not tell people that I am an Evangelical/Pentecostal and love to worship and praise for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am not surprised given how the “church” has changed in the U.S. and how they have for years affiliated themselves with the “ilk” of trump and QNon and White Supremists for so very long. Christ must be so sad, but he will make them answer one way or the other. All we can do is pray that they eventually see THE LIGHT OF CHRIST. which is not white. But a RAINBOW of brilliance that covers all people.
    Good people need to take God/Jesus/Holy Spirit with them wherever they go in this World and show how the Trinity covers us all. Amen.

  2. Trump supporters, who say that they are religious or Evangelical, need to be educated as to where Jesus lived and what He looked like. Most Trump supporters whom I know tend to be racist, as do many Evangelicals living in the south but the north has them, too.
    Born where Jesus is said to have been born, he was not tall, white, with blonde hair and blue eyes, folks. He was short, had black hair, dark brown eyes, and was most likely BLACK.

  3. If folks think that Jesus looked like Soloman’s Head of Christ they need a geography lesson. Considering where Jesus was born, He was not tall, He was short, He was not blonde, His hair was dark add to that He was not white, folks, He was Black!

  4. What are now called “evangelicals” were a few years ago called “fundamentalists”. Indeed that brand is tarnished by association with that orange narcissist guy. I am very aware, however, that there are people in Christian churches who are not fascists and racists, and who deplore the events of Jan. 6. So, let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater here. Christianity, per se, is not the culprit here. Fanatic evil can come from any belief system.

    Let’s not forget it was not a Christian who killed Gandhi, nor a Christian who killed Rabin, nor a Christian who killed Sadat. And there are better things which have come from Hindus, Jews and Muslims, just as better than Trumpoid insurrection has come from Christians.

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