Who did God Create You to be?

Who did God Create You to be? June 30, 2024

Who did God Create You to be?

“Who am I?” is a question that many people struggle to find the answer to. Sure they are often told who they should be and many times that is who they become, but is that who they truly are? Who did God create you to be?


First and foremost, you are a child of God.

Who are you? First and foremost, you are a child of God. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, God has claimed you as His own.  He has created you with love and thoughtfulness. He has bestowed upon you gifts that are uniquely yours. These gifts make you different. These gifts make you special. Do you know what your gifts are?



Many people have heard of Ikigai. “Ikigai is a Japanese term that blends two words: “iki” meaning “to live,” and “gai” meaning “reason,” which translates to “a reason to live.” It’s a concept that encourages people to discover what truly matters to them and to live a life filled with purpose and joy.” (Google: December 7, 2023) This is close to telling who God created you to be.


Ikigai is a Japanese term that blends two words: “iki” meaning “to live,” and “gai” meaning “reason,” which translates to “a reason to live.”
Ikigai is a Japanese term that blends two words that translates to mean “reason to live.”


The graphic shows that Ikigai is at the center of what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can get paid for. This is supposed to lead you to happiness and fulfillment.

Consider Avodah, Based in Spirituality


My friend Vic takes it one step further to finding out who God created you to be by introducing Spiritual Ikigai that he rightly named Avodah.

Avodah is spiritually centered and is based on one’s hope, trust, faith, and belief. It is about giving up control to truly yield and surrender one’s vocational discernment to prayer and meditation. It is about what the Lord can do through us. It is about us being patient and acting in His time, for His purposes, and serving dutifully. It helps to determine who God created you to be.
Avodah is spiritually centered.

“Avodah means “work, worship, and service” in Hebrew. Avodah is different from Ikigai in four important ways.” (Vic Clesceri) He defines Avodah as considering “What you enjoy, what are your gifts, where He’s calling you to serve and trusting His provision.” I invite you to read his brief article and study the graphic. He is writing a book about it.


That brings me back to ask, Who are you?


Do you know your gifts? Do you have an understanding as to how they are connected to your purpose? Do you know and understand your purpose?


When you find AND live your purpose, you find fulfillment. You find happiness. No, you find that inner joy that no one can take from you. It will radiate from you!


How do you discover your purpose?


It is a process that often takes time and experiences. The first step is always prayer. Nicole Kirchner shared this simple prayer on www.crosswalk.com:



I surrender my life to you. I want to do something, to make something happen, all on my own strength, but I know without you I can do nothing. I know my life is not my own, it is yours to work through me. Lord, I am grateful for this life you’ve given me. You’ve blessed me with different gifts and talents. Help me understand how to cultivate those things to bring glory to your great name. Amen.”

Truly Know Yourself

To truly know yourself, you must “truly know yourself”. What are your gifts? What are your talents? I am not talking about skills that you have learned or developed, although those are based on the foundation of your gifts and talents.

Look back to times in your life when you encountered success. What did that look like? What talents did you use? What types of things come easily to you? What brings you joy? When reflecting, go as far back into your childhood as you can and work your way to the present.


How has God played a role in your life? In what situations did you feel His presence? Where/what do you feel Him calling you to do or be?


Consider CliftonStrengths®

For me, CliftonStrengths® was an eye opener. It was a confirmation of who I am. Through it, I learned why I was drawn to certain things, including God. I also learned how I had been stifled throughout my life and how I inadvertently misused my God-given talents. 


There are many ways for you to discover and rediscover who you are. The most important thing is that you do it. You then must really claim yourself and use your talents as God intended. That can be difficult to discern. If I am completely honest, and I usually am, I am still working in that process.


Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. PRAY- Don’t just utilize rote prayer, but have real discussions with God. Open up. Be vulnerable. Most importantly, LISTEN.
  2. JOURNAL-Journaling can be a great method  to reflect on the past and think about the future. You can use your writings to look for themes, patterns and clues to who you are.
  3. TAKE ASSESSMENTS-Assessments can be a quick way to get a picture of who you are, what you value  and how you react. Just remember that they do not define you.
  4. TALK TO OTHERS-Have conversations with people from varying aspects of your life. Ask them for their honest views on how they see you. Ask about strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures.
  5. ENLIST SUPPORT-Lean on friends, family members, a mentor and even consider hiring a coach to help you through the process. Every journey is better traveled with company.
  6. PRAY SOME MORE-Remember that God is your foundation. He created you to be uniquely you. Keep the conversation flowing.


Jeremiah 1:5 states:


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.” (www.usccb.org)


God created you for a purpose. He created you with unique gifts and talents to serve. It is up to you to accept this calling and grow in it. Find it. Claim it. Live it.


Again, I ask


Who did God create you to be?

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