Exciting News About This Blog!

Exciting News About This Blog! March 23, 2015

Welcome to the “Godless Congregation”! I’m excited to announce that this blog will be expanding significantly, starting this week and ramping up over the coming months. For a few years now, I’ve felt there was a need for a blog that could provide resources, insights, commentary on, and just an inside look at what it’s like to build an inspiring local community for atheists, agnostics and allies. But, we’ve been so involved in building our community– the Humanist Hub– that there just hasn’t been time. Now, we will finally be able to provide the following resources:

  • The Humanist Hub and the Humanist Community at Harvard are now going to be using this blog as our primary way to post latest news, information about, and insights from all of our programs. In the past, we posted some of this info on our harvardhumanist.org website but it was mainly event announcements. Now that we’re launching our new website, humanisthub.org, we’ll look to make posts here useful both to local people who want to attend our programs, and to people from outside the Greater Boston area, who just want to learn how a “Center for Humanist Life” works and what community for the nonreligious can look like.
  • I personally will continue to blog here about my experiences as the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard for the past 10 years, and now as the executive director of the Humanist Hub as well. It’s been an amazing journey for me to go from a spiritual seeker, to a serious student of Eastern religions, to a rigorous five-year ordination process for becoming a secular Humanist rabbi, to an atheist chaplain at a great university, to the director of one of the world’s largest community spaces for atheists and agnostics (and occasional Humanist advisor to politicians, or even to young couples on a popular reality TV show). I’m excited to share more of my journey and what I find inspiring with you, starting a slowly now and ramping up to the release of my next book, The Godless Congregation (Simon and Schuster), in 2016.
  • I’m also excited to host several guest bloggers here. We’ll announce a couple of them soon. If you’re a member of the Humanist Hub community, or if you live elsewhere but you think you have something inspiring to share about Humanism and community, be in touch!

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