The Beginning of a Dream

The conception of Hawthorne & the Rose began when Elizabeth was just a little girl. She grew up in Salem Massachusetts in the early 90’s and her mother owned an occult bookstore called Black Cat Books. She spent the majority of my early childhood sitting on the floor of her mother’s bookstore mixing together the “extra” herbs that came in the bulk orders and making incenses and potions for those who came in. She very quickly picked up the way of communing with the spirits of plants in order to figure out the blends that would work for particular purposes. When she wasn’t in the store with her mother she was attending both public and private rituals of various methods and traditions.

Since that time, Elizabeth has received informal training and lessons from both of her parents and those of the community she grew up in. She is also a Deputy Minister and student of the Temple of Witchcraft tradition founded by Christopher Penczak and a student of the Black Rose Witchcraft tradition.

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