Blind dog and her faithful companion are a great pair of Great Danes looking for a great home

Blind dog and her faithful companion are a great pair of Great Danes looking for a great home October 27, 2011
Lily and Maddison are two Great Danes whose photos are making the rounds on Facebook. (This photo courtesy of the Dog Trust Shrewsbury press release.)

If you’re on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen the lovely photo making the rounds of two Great Danes, one blind and the other leading her by a leash. It’s a sweet photo but I did a little digging and found that the story is also bittersweet.

Lily(5) and Maddison (6) are Great Danes who were brought to the Dog Trust Shrewsbury in Shropshire, England, in July because their owner couldn’t care for them. When Lily was 18 months old, doctors removed her eyes after she developed a condition called entropion, which means that her eye lashes grew into her eyeballs and severely damaged them. The operation was her only option.

The two dogs have grown up together, with Maddison taking on the job of helping Lily manage in the world. And while there have been some inquiries from people looking to adopt, so far they’ve only been for one dog. As Louise Campbell manager of Dogs Trust Shrewsbury explains in a press release:

“It’s very sad as members of the public walk straight by their kennel, often put off by the idea of having two large dogs and of course one without eyes can be a bit shocking! I’m appealing to anyone with a big heart and a big home to adopt this loveable and inseparable pair. They will need lots of space and lots of exercise, but considering Lily’s disability they lead a very happy and healthy life together.”

Because the Lily is so dependent on Maddison to guide her through life, the two are naturally inseparable. Adopting two dogs is double the responsibility but double the reward and the Rehoming Centre is desperate for Lily and Maddison to live in the home comforts they so deserve. Their dedicated canine carers are determined to find them a home together.

Anyone interested in rehoming Lily and Maddison should contact Dogs Trust Shrewsbury on 01952 770 225 or visit the centre at Roden Lane Farm, Telford, Shropshire, TF6 6BP.

And I would add that when you see a story like this that tugs at your heart, if you can’t adopt, please consider making a donation to your local animal rescue group. It’s a noble cause to take on the difficult-to-adopt animals, but it comes at a price. A small donation or a few hours of your time can mean the world to animal lovers who dedicate their lives to dogs like Lily and Maddision.

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