Free downloads this week from Through A Dog’s Ear (12/5 to 12/11)

Free downloads this week from Through A Dog’s Ear (12/5 to 12/11) December 5, 2011
Every day this week, you can get a free download from Through A Dog's Ear!

If you think you’re the only one who like free music, think again. Here’s a super offering for Fido, from the folks at Through A Dog’s Ear! Merry Christmas!

Every day this week, you can download for free a song from their catalog of music chosen to help your dog cope with stress, anxiety, illness and more.

It’s not a gimmick. The concept is based on the research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, who was known as the “Einstein of the ear.” He called sound a “nutrient for the nervous system” and his therapeutic discoveries redefined modern psychoacoustics — the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system.

The recordings chosen for the Through A Dog’s Ear series “are psychoacoustically designed to support you and your dog’s compromised immune or nervous system function.” The Through A Dog’s Ear website goes on to explain it like this:

“Auditory cognition in humans, as well as in dogs, is complex. When exposed to music, our brains methodically analyze every interval, rhythmic nuance, instrumental density, and melodic turn. When we’re young and healthy, we have abundant cerebral processing power to attend to many streams of sensory stimuli — be it sound, sight, touch, or smell. However, as we age, sensory tolerances decrease. When life energy is at a low ebb or when neurodevelopmental issues are present, music and sound can be a valuable source of arousal responses. However, the intricacies of conventional music often are too much for a depleted system to take in; music and sound may become mentally distracting, annoying, and even painful. This may lead to the individual retreating from auditory stimulation, therefore being deprived of sound’s beneficial vibrating effect.”

Their collections are based on the idea of simple sounds. And to be honest, it’s fascinating. Many dog trainers use their CDs as background music in training classes, doggie day care, and shelters. (Just for kicks, I tried some of it to help myself get to sleep. Zzzzzzzzz.) With the  help of Victoria Stillwell, they’ve also developed CDs to help desensitize noise-sensitive dogs to thunderstorms,  city noises and fireworks.

OK, so you’re a skeptic. So why not try it for free this week? Today’s selection is Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise. And if you’re a rescue, you can get a free CD. Then go back every day for another free song.

Head over to the Through A Dog’s Ear website every day this week for your free music. Let Fido give it a listen. And then let me know what you think! My guess is your pup might need his own iPod.

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