Robin babies and dove eggs – what a difference a day makes! (photos)

Robin babies and dove eggs – what a difference a day makes! (photos) May 21, 2014
Wednesday evening: The robin babies are six days old – what a change from just yesterday!

Yesterday I shared some up close photos of Mrs. Robin’s babies, and commented on how over the last few days they’ve gone from prehistoric creatures to almost birds. So imagine my surprise today when I checked in on the little family – the soft down has already become little feathers! Look at their spines and wings!

Not only that, Mrs. Morning Dove has some big news from her nest.

On Monday, I noticed that one of her eggs had a little bump on it. I wasn’t sure if it was a flaw in the eggshell or a bird beak starting to peck through the shell. Yesterday, the shell had clearly been crunched on one side, although it wouldn’t have surprised me if Mrs. Morning Dove accidentally squished an egg, given the commotion she makes whenever you look at her cross eyed.

Tuesday evening: one of Mrs. Morning Dove’s eggs is starting to show signs of hatching. Either that, or she’s squished it during one of her fits.

But tonight, as I passed by the Morning Dove window nest, look what I saw!

Wednesday evening: Look! A baby morning dove!! Just 24 hours old, and look at how downy his body is compared to the robins.

I love watching these birds, from the nest building to the eggs to the baby birds. It’s like a miracle of nature happening right before my eyes, all in my little village yard. I hope you’re enjoying the journey, too! If you’ve missed any posts, you can read more about Mrs. Robin and see photos of her nest building, the eggs and the babies.


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