Cruelly abused German Shepherd gets second chance

Cruelly abused German Shepherd gets second chance October 19, 2014

One of the down sides of covering animal issues is the tidal wave of stories about abused and tortured animals that cross your desk daily. It can really take a toll on your spirit, and for that reason I have to confess that when I see pictures of horribly tortured animals in my newsfeed I often have to quickly scroll past. Not because I don’t care, but because the images keep me up at night. It’s overwhelming for me to feel so helpless, and I imagine for readers as well.

So when I saw this story about a German Shepherd in North City, Missouri, who was shot, abused and cruelly sodomized with a tree branch (my God, what kind of evil exists in a human who would do that?), but with images of a recovered and thriving dog instead of a beaten dog, I stopped to read.

Shep was in such bad shape after a month of treatment that is was suggested he be euthanized. But Randy Grim, the founder of Stray Rescue in Missouri isn’t one to give up easily. He took Shep to his shelter, created a rehab plan and today Shep is on his way to recovering. Running to it, in fact.

But the dirtbags who abused Shep are still out there. “I still want justice for Shep. The pain and horror he went through deserves a prosecution,” says Grim in a press release. Anyone with information is asked to call the animal abuse hotline at 314.771.6121 ext: 255 and the St. Louis City Police. You can learn more about Stray Rescue on their website.

It’s important to remember that the folks who are active in animal rescue deal with horrific stories like this every day. You and I can only begin to imagine the cruel torture humans visit on animals (and I’m not talking about eating a chicken egg, either). The best way to help, outside of being a responsible pet owner and neighbor, is to support the reputable rescue organizations in your area. Nationally, I’m a huge fan of Best Friends Animal Society, and locally my rescue of choice is Pitty Love Rescue – both of which were helpful with support and information when I brought home a little pit mix puppy who turned our lives upside down. Donations of money, time, supplies and just prayers and good vibes go a long way towards helping man’s best friends find loving homes.


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