The Indian Railway System Circa 1938

The Indian Railway System Circa 1938 February 16, 2017

Here is another interesting snippet about the Indian Railway before Independence.

The Railways also serve the seaports of Marmagoa on the West Coast *and Madras, Musalipatam, Cocanada and Vizagapatam in the east coast. The railway charges are usually As. 2/- per mile for First Class, and half that sum for Second Class and half anna per mile for Third Class. There are special facilities offered by Railways for travellers in these parts in December and January and Return-Tickets at reduced rates are issued during this season.

The important railway systems publish their own guides. There are excellent illustrated guides also. For routes and arrangements of journey it is desirable to obtain a railway guide. The times of trains are liable to alterations, and hence no object will be served if time-table is included in this publication ; but one can have a general idea about the hours of journey from one place to another by a reference to Railway timings given in this publication.

Special Tourists’ Cars including kitchen, and accommodation for servants are available. There are refreshment rooms at different places that are managed by Railways. Restaurant Cars run on most of the mail trains. In South India, tickets for meals are purchased like Railway tickets and for Indian travellers facilities given are varied and many. Station-Masters are generally obliging and arrange for convenience and accommodation at out-of-the-way stations, if previous notice is given to them.

There are local guides at all important places of interest, who are quite willing to render all necessary assistance to the tourists.
Facilities: — There are a number of facilities for travellers by railways, by bus services and by ferry boats. Almost all the important towns are connected by railways. Carriages are invariably available in almost all important places. Taxi cabs and motors can be hired at very many of these places. The main roads connecting all important places will ordinarily be found good. Of course, there are in some places rivers that are unbridged, but are passable by fords and ferries. All important places are motorable.

For the benefit of travellers, a list of hotels in European and Indian style, with approximate charges and other information is embodied in this Book. There are First Class hotels in big places like Madras, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Mangalore, Ooty, Cochin, Kodai- kanal, etc., both Indian and European.

Generally these hotels are crowded during the season, but there will be no difficulty if notice is given beforehand about necessary accommodation.
In all important places, there are Dak Bungalows established by Government and the Keeper- in-charge will attend to the conveniences of the travellers. He will also provide meals and attend to the traveller’s comforts. There is a fixed fee for the occupation of rooms in Travellers’ Bungalows. When visiting small places, it is advisable for travellers to take with them the necessary supplies. At some railway stations sleeping rooms are provided for travellers.

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