Insurgency: Staying Safe

Insurgency: Staying Safe January 15, 2021

Surviving an insurgency requires a safe haven, while appeals to the divine can fortify physical and emotional wellbeing. An internal FBI bulletin has warned that nationwide protests, which include extremists, may start on January 16 and extend through to Biden’s January 20 inauguration.

Trump supporters crowding the steps of the Capitol after displacing police shield wall preventing access


January 6, 2021 violent protest and the risk of future bloodshed

On January 11, 2021, AP News uploaded “FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week”:

“The FBI is warning of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitals and in Washington, D.C., in the days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, stoking fears of more bloodshed after last week’s deadly siege at the U.S. Capitol.  …

‘Armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols from 16 January through at least 20 January, and at the U.S. Capitol from 17 January through 20 January,’ the bulletin said, according to one official.”


On January 12, 2021, CNN uploaded “Military Joint Chiefs condemn ‘sedition and insurrection’ at US Capitol as federal and local officials scramble to ensure security” where they referred to the January 6, 2020 riots in Washington DC:

“America’s  most senior military leaders condemned the violent invasion of the US Capitol last week and reminded service members of their obligation to  support and defend the Constitution and reject extremism in a statement that underscored the unprecedented challenges facing the country in the  aftermath of the January 6 insurrection attempt by President Donald  Trump’s supporters.

‘We witnessed actions inside the Capitol building that were inconsistent with the rule of law. The rights of freedom of speech and assembly do not give anyone the right to resort to violence, sedition and  insurrection,’ said the statement, released Tuesday and signed by  America’s most senior general, Mark Milley, and the entire Joint Chiefs  of Staff, which is comprised of the heads of each military branch.

The  extraordinary statement underscores the scale of the challenge and the depth of the uncertainty and concern in Washington, where officials  across the US security establishment scramble to deal with the aftermath  of the chaos at the Capitol, and around the country, as all 50 states  are preparing for possible violence.”


On January 13, 2021, Military Times uploaded “National Guard troops are authorized to carry their weapons on Capitol grounds”:

“As of Tuesday evening [January 12], National Guardsmen mobilized to the District of Columbia are authorized to carry deadly weapons while posted in and around the Capitol, the National Guard Bureau confirmed to Military Times on Wednesday [January 13].

There are now as many as 20,000 troops from around the country who have been authorized to assist local and federal law enforcement in the days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration, until into early February, some with firearms in hand.”


It is important to note that a number of extremists have military training. As an example, the Oath Keepers founded in 2009 is a “militant group that has drawn in thousands of people from the military and law-enforcement communities.”


On January 9, 2021 Michael Moore uploaded a poster to his Facebook page that had been widely circulated among conservatives, including members of Congress. The poster called for an ARMED March on January 17th in Washington DC and EVERY state Capitol in all 50 states.


On January 10, 2021 I uploaded a video to my Facebook page sourced by a Facebook friend from the now defunct Parler. The video was very slick, apart from a typo at the very beginning. It was a rallying cry for Trump supporters to become warriors and put on the armor of God, and march on Capitol Hill on January 20, 2021. And just in case the Biblical references weren’t obvious enough, it ended with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. Towards the end of the prayer a graphic appeared with the date January 20, 2021 and WWG1WGA [Where We Go One We Go All], identifying it as coming from QAnon. When Parler was taken offline the video disappeared. Presumably it is still circulating among conservatives somewhere.

Obviously, all of these planned marches are being taken seriously by the FBI as per the previously uploaded warning.

The point is that the violence of January 6, 2021 may well be a prelude to even greater violence on January 17 and 20. The protestors and the government security forces will all be armed with lethal weapons.

My advice is to avoid these protests and retreat to a safe haven. For most people, this will be their home, but it could also be some sort of communal set up with multiple people. One former military Facebook friend advises that he will be heading for the hills in his SUV with food, water, medicine, weapons and cash. I am hoping that this extreme option is excessive and unwarranted.

The First Amendment gives people the right to peaceably assemble. For those choosing to exercise this right, PLEASE stay out of any crossfire.


Appeals to the divine

It’s when people feel helpless that they turn to the divine. I would recommend turning to the divine even if things are going well, just for that extra bit of assistance, and also as an expression of gratitude. While any god that provides comfort would help psychologically, my preference is for the ancient Greek deities as they allow for a laser focused approach. My recommendation in this case would be to call on Ares and Athene.



Helmeted young warrior, so-called Ares. Roman copy from a Greek original—this is a plaster replica, the original is now stored in the Museum of the Villa. Canope at the Villa Adriana


Ares [Arês]: the son of Zeus and Hera, was the Olympian god of the destructive forces of  war, battle-frenzy, and slaughter. This is in contrast to Athene, who represents intelligent and orderly war. The other deities (apart from Aphrodite) didn’t really like him because of his propensity to violence and bloodshed. He was depicted as either a mature, bearded warrior dressed in armor, or a nude, beardless youth with helm and spear.

[Mierzwicki, Hellenismos, 40]


Just as Ares can bring war, or in this case insurgency, so he can be petitioned to take it away. Here is a wonderful hymn which can be used on its own, or in conjunction with an offering:


Orphic Hymn 65. For Ares   

Incense: frankincense 

Unbroken, mighty-hearted, very strong, stout daimon,

who takes pleasure in weapons, untamed man-slaying sacker of cities,

Lord Ares, rattling in armor, always smeared with slaughter, rejoicing in bloody murder of men,

raising the noise of war, horrible one, you yearn after the sword  and the unmusical battle of spears:  make raging discord stand still and release  the pain that grieves the heart,

and bow your head to the desire of Kypris and the feasts of the Deliverer.

And craving peace that gives happiness and nurtures children, turn strength of arms to the work of Deo.


[Note: Ares is a ferocious god, who changed sides in the battle at Troy. Here he is asked to succumb to the wiles of Aphrodite (Kypris). Later in this hymn, Ares is  asked to turn himself over to the work of Demeter (Deo), which resembles the  prophesy in Isaiah 2:4, that people will beat their swords into plowshares and give  up war. The Deliverer is a reference to Dionysos.] [Translation from Dunn, The Orphic Hymns]



The Athena Giustiniani, a Roman copy of a Greek statue of Pallas Athena. The guardian serpent of the Athenian Acropolis sits coiled at her feet.


Athene [Athênê]: commonly referred to as Pallas Athene. (Depending on the tradition, Pallas was either a relative or companion, or a nymph, whom Athene accidentally killed as they practiced combat skills. A mournful Athene then took the name Pallas for herself.) Her name may also have been taken from the appellation of a Mycenean warrior-goddess who was her predecessor. She was the daughter of Zeus and the Titan Metis; the goddess of wisdom, women’s handicrafts including weaving and spinning, courage, heroic endeavor, strategic warfare, and protectress of cities.

Athene’s father, Zeus, swallowed her mother, Metis (Titan goddess of wisdom, skill, or craft), while she was pregnant. Athene sprang from Zeus’ head fully armed. She was a virgin with shining eyes, normally portrayed armed, crowned with a crested helmet, armed with shield and long spear, and wearing a goat-skin cloak [aigis] adorned with the monstrous head of the Gorgon. Her symbols include the owl and the olive tree.

Two epithets of Athene, taken from the Athenian calendar, which may be useful for those wishing to be very specific in their petition are:

  • Athene Soter (savior or deliverer)
  • Athene Polias (of the city)
[Mierzwicki, Hellenismos, 44]


Athene has numerous useful attributes including being the goddess of wisdom, courage, heroic endeavor, strategic warfare, and protectress of cities [mostly notably Athens]. I would recommend petitioning her as a protectress of cities, in this case both for the cities being marched on and also for your safe haven. Here is a wonderful hymn which can be used on its own, or in conjunction with an offering.


Orphic Hymn 32. For Athena

Incense: aromatics 

August Pallas, who sprang from Zeus alone, divine, blessed goddess,

with a powerful heart, who stirs the turmoil of war,

your name is mighty, spoken and unspeakable.

Dwelling in caves, you rule the hills, valleys, high flowing streams,

and shadowy mountains and you gladden your breast in shady vales.

Delighting in weapons you sting the souls of mortals to madness, exhausting them.

Maiden, having a horrible anger, Gorgon-slaying, shunning the marriage bed,

yet the abundant mother of the arts.

Loving frenzy, you urge on the wicked to madness, but give wisdom to the good.

You are both male and female in nature, the wise mother of war.

Ever changing dragon, filled with divine power, splendid in honors,

you destroyed the Phlegraian giants.

Horse-driving Tritogeneia, you deliver from evils,

o daimon bearing victory always day and night, and even in the smallest of the hours.

Hear my prayer, and give us a rich measure of peace and health,

in prosperous seasons, grey-eyed, creative queen to whom all pray.


[Note: The mention of the Phlegrain giants refers to the Gigantomachy, the war between the giants and the gods. This should not be confused with the Titanomachy, as giants and titans were different beings. Athena is said to bear victory here, as her statue in the Parthenon was said to have her holding a smaller statue of Nike, goddess of victory, in her hand. ] [Translation from Dunn, The Orphic Hymns]


The primary reference texts for this article are:


Patrick Dunn, The Orphic Hymns: A New Translation for the Occult Practitioner

Tony Mierzwicki, Hellenismos: Practicing Greek Polytheism Today


Tony Mierzwicki

Author of Hellenismos: Practicing Greek Polytheism Today and Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment.









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