Thanks For Having Me

Thanks For Having Me December 26, 2018

We all aspire to be precise speakers. And therefore we must all agree to detest most uses of the sentence, ‘Thanks for having me.’

There are many proper responses to a statement indicating gratitude toward us. But ‘Thanks for having me’ is seldom a fit answer. As an example, let’s imagine that I appear on the set of a TV or radio show and I am to be interviewed.  The host says to me, ‘Thank you for coming.’

Here are six suitable responses:

You’re  welcome

You  are  very  welcome

My  pleasure

My  delight

Don’t  mention  it

Of  course

Somewhere in the last few years everyone has supplanted these apt phrases with one response only.  Every day of the world a TV host or an NPR host says to a guest,  ‘Thank you for coming.’  And the rejoinder every single time is,  ‘Thanks for having me.’

Here’s  what’s  wrong  with  ‘Thanks  for  having  me’ :

‘Thanks for having me’ suggests that gratitude is equal between the parties when it is not. TV and NPR hosts absolutely need guests and must be grateful for guests appearing on their shows, but guests do not absolutely need TV hosts or NPR hosts. Furthermore, guests have actually gone to some trouble to show up or call in, and they deserve to receive thanks without having to offer thanks in return.

More inapt uses of  ‘Thanks for having me’ :

A car-crash patient says to his ER surgeon,  ‘Thank you doctor for performing life-saving surgery on me.’  And the doctor responds:  ‘Thanks for having me perform life-saving surgery on you.’

A customer says to her bank teller,  ‘Thanks for the cash.’  And the teller rejoins:  ‘Thanks for having me count out your cash.’

A girl says to her mom,  ‘Thanks for the compliment on my blouse.’  And the mom says:  ‘Thanks for having me tell you how much I like your blouse.’

A man says to a discreet co-worker,  ‘Thanks for not telling the boss I played hooky yesterday.’  And the co-worker replies:  ‘Thanks for having me not tell the boss you played hooky yesterday.’

Go back and insert apposite responses:

Thank you doctor.  ‘You’re welcome.’

Thanks for the cash.  ‘Of course.’

Thanks for the compliment.  ‘My pleasure.’

Thanks for not telling the boss.  ‘Don’t mention it.’

The only person who may lawfully utter the words  ‘Thanks for having me’  is a departing house guest, to whom the mistress or master of the house may utter any of the six listed suitable responses given above.  ‘You are very welcome’  would appear to be the most seemly at such a moment. Though on rare occasions ‘My delight’ may be more exact.


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