Loophole Hatred For An American President

Loophole Hatred For An American President December 5, 2019

Hatred shares some heredity with anger and anger is one of the seven deadly sins.  Religious morality recoils from anger, and from hatred.  So what are we to do at this moment when many of America’s religious citizens hate the President?

Let us perform an anatomy of hatred by reviewing eight questions put to various religious haters of the President.  Here are the questions and here are the haters’ answers:

1. Has the Object of hatred really said or done anything warranting hatred?  Answer:  The Object of hatred has uttered as many errors as words, offending in every syllable and gesture.

2. Has the Object of hatred poisoned key relationships in your life?  Answer:  Yes.  Residual disappointments mar friendly and familial affairs all over the land.

3. Has the Object of hatred extended any ill effects beyond the U.S. borders? Answer:  Yes.  The Object of hatred has infected to the north star.

4. Is the Object of hatred hated as a whole or merely for one defective part?  Answer:  We hate only his guts.

5. Is there some remedy whereby the Object of hatred can appease you haters?  Answer:  The Object of hatred could remove himself from public life and never be seen or heard from again.  Several remote hilltop monasteries come to mind.

6. Do you wish any harm to the Object of hatred?  Answer:  No.  Only daily reprimands and nightly tongue lashings if he remains in public life.  If he leaves public life, we wish him no harm (other than a thorny conscience).

7. Didn’t Jesus warn against hating a brother?  Answer:  Jesus did warn against hating a brother, and fortunately the Object of hatred is no sibling to any of us haters, though a few of the Object’s Scottish cousins risk offending Jesus on this point.

8. What is the expected term of your hatred, when will it end?  Answer:  As soon as the Object of hatred disappears from the public forum.

These eight questions were designed so that, if these very answers were given, something called Loophole Hatred would become permissible.

Loophole Hatred is the kind of hatred that God would excuse and even look kindly upon. It is a hatred not subject to the confessional.  It is not a trigger of conscience.  It is not immoral.

Loophole Hatred is a virtuous disposition that has been unwillingly thrust upon haters by a person who, in this case, would not keep to the limiting restraints of a TV reality show but sought to lift himself above that peculiar anonymity by the lark of a Presidential bid, offering, all along the way, various chaotic and sub-ethical musings.

In short, Loophole Hatred is not the haters’ fault.  This hatred, which somberly ornaments America and drapes its citizens in muted colors, is the Object of hatred’s doing.

It is the Object of hatred’s own fault—abetted by his Klingon aids and underlings.

Our President is a hated man.  We know why.


Featured  image  ‘Donald  Trump’  by  Gage  Skidmore  via  Flickr

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