Police Brutality & The Want Of Sheepdogs

Police Brutality & The Want Of Sheepdogs June 7, 2020

I just saw a vividly illustrated children’s book called ‘The Lambs Protest’ and here’s the basic story line:

The lambs were being menaced by the wolves.

So the lambs sought out the lanes and byways to protest their treatment from the wolves.

But, incredibly, the wolves were sent in to monitor the lambs’ protests.

And of course the wolves menaced the lambs during the protests.

”Why,” said a worried little lamb, “can’t some other peaceable animal monitor our protests instead of the ravenous wolves we are protesting against?”

“A very good question,” said a wild and wooly ewe.

Shortly after, the sheepdog was bred into existence.

Featured image ‘Banner At Front Of Protest Parade March’ by Jason Hargrove via Flickr


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