God Smites Trump

God Smites Trump October 11, 2020

Disease is one of God’s oldest instruments of smiting. God shows divine disapproval for human behavior and sin by giving us diseases. There is a fake scriptural passage from Hezekiah 5:5 that’s probably not far from real.  It goes:

“I am the God of the virus and afflictions all.  Gather, that I may show thee.”

Who else but God invented these things called viruses?  And what else but to discipline and to punish was God’s intent in making viruses? Isn’t this the theology of sickness for American Evangelicals?

Which brings us to Donald Trump, known variously to the wide world as The Carrier of Covid, The Maskless Morbidity, The Open Wound, and The Carefree Cougher.

Why did the Lord give Donald the virus? Nothing other than to smite him for:

mocking one of God’s favorite pet viruses, Covid 19

mocking masks

mocking science

making a mockery of the presidency

Will anyone get God’s message? Probably not Donald and not Evangelicals.

And God went to such world-wide trouble to get everyone’s attention on this !


Featured  image  ‘sick’  by  Susan  Murtaugh  via  Flickr




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