Humanist Hatred

Humanist Hatred December 25, 2020

From 2016 to 2020, many Humanists, who had never hated anyone before in their lives, were taught to hate. They were taught to hate a particular man. And they were taught to hate this particular man by the man himself.

It ‘s as if the man looked Humanists in the eyes and said,

“I was chosen to prove to you Humanists that you are not above the moral sinkhole of human hatred, and to that end, over the next few years, I will give you three thousand and one reasons to hate me.”

The man was skilled at engendering hatred for himself. His daily fulminations and abominations, even the mildest of them, aimed a steady stream of lighter fluid on a fire he started in 2016. He was able to fuel the fire constantly for 1460 days. And in the end he achieved what he set out to achieve: he turned love-abiding Humanists into haters.

But remember, Humanists had cause to hate this man. Humanists had every reason to suspect this man spent evenings hanging upside down on one of the lower ledges of Hades. Humanists had credible evidence that this man might even be the divinity of hell. Experts on other continents claimed this man was an actual wolf wrapped in a human hide. Others experts elsewhere were certain the man had gravel where a heart should be. There were reports of the man having a chest tattoo, garnished with delicate, medieval, filigreed caligraphy and reading, ‘The Very Fangs Of Malice.” Rumors leaked that this man sat for hours in a hall of mirrors to consult his multiple egos. Several honest insiders said this man had targets made from pictures of his enemies and pasted them on a bedroom wall to throw steel-tipped darts at. All these things Humanists could have been fairly certain of. How the man occupied the rest of his sinful hours they could only shudder and guess at.

He beat the Humanists. He turned them into haters. And he it did it fair and square through sheer force of will.

Now that he’s gone how can Humanists become lovers again, not haters?

Here’s  how :

Humanists may return to the source of their ethic of love. All the values natural selection bestowed on the sociable species homosapiens will always actuate the human ability to love, values like empathy, cooperation, altruism. Darwin said even inhibitions are a gift of nature: a species is inhibited from killing itself off.

Humanists can always love again.

Even so, Humanists cannot forget that this man, whose egoism could not be measured or contained, darkened the world’s mirth and stained Humanists for a lifetime by making them, if ever so briefly, haters.


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