Google Handwriting is Super Cool

Google Handwriting is Super Cool April 15, 2015

As a Galaxy Note 4 owner, I aspire to make more use of the phone’s included stylus (the “S-Pen”). Samsung does a competent job of offering up ways to use it, be it for marking up images or taking quick notes, as well as some not-bad handwriting recognition. It’s a little convoluted (it is Samsung, after all) but it mostly works.

Today Google put out a new “keyboard,” which I place in quotes because it’s only a keyboard in that it’s a text input extension for Android that takes out keys and replaces them with a blank canvas on which one writes by hand, presumably with a stylus or finger. I’ve only been using it a little bit today, but I can already say that not only is its handwriting recognition by far the most accurate I’ve ever used, but it also offers up intelligent suggestions for auto-complete options, just as it does for the normal keyboard.

My stylus may finally have a reason to live. If you’re on Android, you should absolutely install Google Handwriting Input and at least play with it. It’s a trip.


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